PRODUCT: The Moto-9 Carbon is Bell’s top-of-the-line helmet for motocross and off-road applications. Bell’s Moto-9 features Magnefusion cheek pads, Soundtrax, Flying Bridge visor, Velocity Flow ventilation and an X-Static extended-wear interior.

POSITIVE: Magnet Fusion Technology is one really cool feature of the Bell Moto-9. It makes the cheek pad removal effortless for normal cleaning or in the event of an injury when helmet removal is necessary. There is also a magnet on the end of the chin strap keeping the end of the strap secure. The Flying Bridge visor uses an easy-adjust system that only requires two screws, where one side flips up for leverage during installation or removal and eliminates the need for any additional tools. Another safety aspect of the Moto-9 we like is Bell built in a recessed segment at the top of the EPS foam that allows the rider to install the Shock Doctor Eject System without major modifications. We tested the Moto-9 in all sorts of weather conditions—from SoCal motocross to Florida GNCC racing—and came away liking the amount of airflow Bell’s new helmet provides. Weighing 1050 grams (2 pounds), it’s definitely not heavy.

NEGATIVE: The cheek pads in the medium-sized helmet we tested were a bit tighter than preferred when we first tried the helmet on. This gave it a smushed feeling and took a few rides before it molded to our face and felt completely comfortable.

BOTTOM LINE: Overall, the Bell Moto-9 Carbon is a great helmet. It’s breathable, light, has some innovative new concepts, and the Hurricane graphics scheme definitely adds style points.


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