Yamaha’s Barry Hawk, a former ATV superstar and perennial GNCC top ten racer took the win at High Point GNCC this weekend. Barry, who lives just down the road from the event overcame the huge dust issues that stymied most of the top ranks teams. Finishing second was Kawasaki’s Fred Andrews, followed by the Suzuki trio of Rodney Smith, Mike Kiedrowski and Steve Hatch.
The Suzuki team appeared dominant and looked very strong during the first half of the event. But clogged air filters turned their race machines into virtual lawnmowers and numerous ‘forced’ pits hurt their chances for an overall. Still, Rodney Smith has now taken over the points lead.

Mike Lafferty, who was in the first race back following a broken shoulder and tallied a well earned seventh. Still, Rodney leads the series over second place Lafferty.

The big question on everyone’s mind was how Jason Raines would fare riding on his freshly healed leg. It took three laps (Hawk completed seven) for the pain in Raine’s leg to force him to pull off. Raines ended up in 20th.

Stay tuned, as we?re going to work on interviews with GNCC riders as the series is about to come to an exciting finish!

Pro Class Results
1. Barry Hawk – YAM
2. Fred Andrews – KAW
3. Rodney Smith – SUZ
4. Steve Hatch – SUZ
5. Mike Kiedrowski – SUZ
6. Robbie Jenks – YAM
7. Mike Lafferty – KTM
8. Chuck Woodford – KAW
9. David Lykke – YAM
10. Randy Hawkins – YAM


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