PRODUCT: The new AXP Racing Xtrem skid plate provides protection for the engine cases, frame, shock clevis and the suspension linkage. Key benefits of the AXP Racing Xtrem skid plates are an easy-to-install yet strong three-point mounting system, which makes it quickly fitted or removed for cleaning and maintenance. The design not only incorporates an extremely durable mounting system, but also has slots for lightweight, style-enhancement, tough, 8mm-thick HDPE plastic construction.

The AXP Xtrem skid plate is 8mm thick, meaning you get some serious protection


OUR TAKE: We’re big believers on protecting the underbelly and linkage systems on our fleet of personal off-road machines. The AXP Xtrem plate is incredibly thick, which has a unique mounting system that is designed so that it can be removed for washing the belly of the bike and get cleaned up after oil changes. We bolted one on our GasGas EC300, a two-stroke off-road tool that sadly lacks any protection for the frame, engine cases and low-hanging linkage.

The directions are tough to follow, but the mounting system is sano and strong.
The rear linkage is well-protected from off-road obstacles that like to hurt your steed.

The installation took some figuring out as the instructions are hard to assimilate (we’re being kind here). Once you understand where the plastic guides bolt onto the plate and that the unit is flexible, it all comes together. Once in place, your under carriage has about the beefiest and, dare we say, gnarliest protection device made. You get great coverage for the water pump; the ignition and a replaceable/adjustable extension rides on the bottom of the rear shock linkage. The benefits over an aluminum unit are no vibration, stronger than carbon fiber and lightweight. This skid plate gets a hearty thumbs up from the DB staff.

Here’s an install video from It’s an AXP unit for a four-stroke, but the rules and guidelines are similar:

PRICE: Depending on whether you want the unit with a linkage guard, the prices range from $99–$159 (for the full system with the linkage guard)

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