ALLOY MX announces that the company has ended their agreement with Mike Alessi with immediate effect.

Neil Calvesbert commented, ‘This should have been a very difficult decision, but ultimately it was not as it was forced upon us. ALLOY MX saw Mike Alessi as the future; we made a large commitment to him and his brother Jeff. As a young company we committed ourselves to these two riders for the long term, no amateur rider has been supported or marketed as heavily as Mike Alessi with ALLOY MX. But at the end of the day, we have simply had enough of the situation and working with Tony Alessi.’

Calvesbert continued ‘The backlash of the events leading up to and during Millville have rocked us hard, people think ALLOY MX made those ‘Believe the Hype’ tee-shirts. That is simply not true; we had no involvement in producing that tee-shirt. Tony Alessi asked us to make a bulls eye butt logo for Mike?s pants for Millville, we pointed out the problems that may cause or the message it might send but he insisted. We originally signed a 3-year contract with both Mike and Jeff, which took us to the end of 2005; recently Tony has wanted to make some changes to our original agreement which included helmets and boots. We have always tried to accommodate his requests and have gone over and beyond what the contract requires us to do. As we all know, as the stakes and money get higher so do the responsibilities of the athletes. Unfortunately some people chose not to respect the terms or obligations of a contract; they want the money but don?t expect to work for it’.

Ben Masek, President of ALLOY MX added ‘While we were left concerned after Millville, we tried to soldier on but this week Tony told us that if we did not allow Mike to wear the same color way as Millville for Steele City or Glen Helen that he would pull Mike from those races? Various communications went back and forth and today we decided to end the relationship, we just cannot work productively under the constant threats from Tony Alessi’.

Calvesbert added, ‘There are so many riders out there who we respect, riders who have won countless races and championships, they don?t wear ALLOY but as athletes they have our full respect. Every rider that goes to the line each week has our respect. There are many riders out there who would be excited to get the support we have given Mike but it seems we just cannot do enough to please Tony, we know Mike will win many races on whatever machinery he secures for his future but ALLOY MX will not be a part of that future.

Ben Masek closed by saying, ‘We hope people see this decision for what it really is, and that is a decision made for the future of the ALLOY MX brand and everyone involved in it. Of course we would like to give all of the details but that would be unprofessional. We are continuing to push forward in many directions; we are expanding our athlete endorsement and advertising programs while at the same time expanding our product offering. ALLOY MX continues to grow and we want our athletes to grow with us’.

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