Attention Pro SX/MX Motorcycle and ATV Racers:

In a few weeks, you will be preparing for another supercross season full of high entry fees, red tape, age limits, 5 minute practices, and drama. Not to mention, outside the gate your girlfriend will be crying again since they won’t let her in the pits.  A simple solution…come race WORCS!

Because of the current economic climate, companies are backing out of pro contracts like mice from a sinking ship.  However, WORCS holds the line and remains committed to the Pro Show. The WORCS pro main event purse will remain the highest in the industry at $6,000 per round. There are no minimum entries and no what-ifs; there’s just an old fashioned guarantee. If you show up, race pro, and finish within the top 15, you get paid. WORCS also welcomes 16 years of age pro’s. If your done with the AM Nationals and want to race with pro caliber but cant enter AMA events come to WORCS.

WORCS has a number of benefits to offer pro racers. Not only will you get exposure to major factory teams, but it’s good training for the outdoors. Not to mention, racing WORCS builds heart and determination. For example, last season WORCS racer Ricky Detrich displayed determination at its best when he finished top ten at Nationals.  In addition, racing WORCS will cut the cost of gas and airfare since all but 1 round of WORCS is within 7 hours driving distance from Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco. Needless to say, racing WORCS this season is an all around smart choice.

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About WORCS:
Off Road Sports LLC. is the licensed promotional company for WORCS (World Off Road Championship Series) and the DWT World Motocross Championship Series. Off Roads Sports began operations in 2004 with one vision. To promote safe, family fun off road sporting events. Our emphasis on timeliness and generally great racing overall is an effort  to be the place for racers to get noticed by the factories and those companies that sponsor off road racers.

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