After a two-week break, the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross season resumed at Atlanta Motor Speedway this week. This was a day race on the infield of a super speedway, and although that begs obvious comparison with Daytona, the track was quite different in layout and soil, with light rain complicating the situation. That moisture played a major role in the heat races, which were difficult and slippery. The track dried out for the main events, but was still obviously challenging. That played right into the hands of Eli Tomac, who collected his third win of the season.  Cooper Webb seemed to struggle to finish in third behind Tomac and Chase Sexton, but he clearly had a better day than his closest rival, Ken Roczen, who started in last and finished ninth. In the 250 class, it was a breakthrough win for Nate Thrasher, who was quite simply the best rider on the track. Title contenders Justin Cooper and Cameron McAdoo followed in second and third.  For extended coverage of 2021 Supercross, click here.


Eli Tomac rode cautiously at first, then took over in heat one. Photo by Brian Converse.

Marvin Musquin was the first man to the first turn in heat one, but he went down immediately. That gave the lead to Justin Barcia, who very quickly opened a big gap. Martin Davalos, Eli Tomac and Joey Savatgy all mixed it up for the next few laps, but none of them could put together a clean lap in the ultra slick conditions. Eventually, Tomac established himself in second, and then was gifted the lead when Barcia went down. Barcia remounted around 10th, and was able to climb back up to seventh by the end. Tomac won with Savatgy respectably close over Chase Sexton, Malcolm Stewart and Broc Tickle. Musquin climbed all the way to sixth by the end.

1 Eli Tomac
2 Joey Savatgy
3 Chase Sexton
4 Malcolm Stewart
5 Broc Tickle
6 Marvin Musquin
7 Justin Barcia
8 Alex Ray
9 Cade Clason
10 Joan Cros
11 Tyler Bowers
12 Henry Miller
13 Nick Schmidt
14 Logan Karnow
15 Jeremy Smith
16 Martin Davalos
17 Aj Catanzaro
18 Mason Kerr
19 Justin Rodbell
20 Scotty Wennerstrom


Jason Anderson was easily the fastest man on the track in heat two. Photo by Brian Converse.

Ken Roczen got the start in heat two, but had a wild ride in the first few turns. He was displaced by Aaron Plessinger, then came up short on a small jump and dropped back to fifth.  Teammates Plessinger and Dylan Ferrandis soon started opening a gap over Max Anstie. Jason Anderson was back in seventh and Cooper Webb as 11th off the start, but both riders were making up ground fast.  For most of the race, it looked like Plessinger had things well under control, but in the very end, Anderson came on strong. On the last lap, Anderson passed both Ferrandis and Plessinger to take the lead and the win. Roczen rode a quiet race to finish fourth over championship rival Webb.

1 Jason Anderson
2 Aaron Plessinger
3 Dylan Ferrandis
4 Ken Roczen
5 Cooper Webb
6 Max Anstie
7 Vince Friese
8 Mitchell Oldenburg
9 Kyle Chisholm
10 Kevin Moranz
11 Dean Wilson
12 Justin Starling
13 Josh Hill
14 Fredrik Noren
15 Adam Enticknap
16 Theodore Pauli
17 Joshua Cartwright
18 Scott Champion
19 Curren Thurman
20 Deven Raper

450 MAIN 

Cooper Webb got the start but was quickly passed by Aaron Plessinger. AP then set sail. He pulled a few seconds on the very first lap, leaving Webb to deal with Vince Friese, Chase Sexton and Max Anste. Several key players got poor starts; the worst case was Ken Roczen, who was nearly last. Justin Barcia wasn’t much better, Jason Anderson was around 11th and Eli Tomac was seventh.  Soon, Friese and Anste tangled, and that set the order for most of the race. Plessinger had about five seconds over Webb, who was coming under pressure from both Sexton and Tomac. In the second half of the race, things began to change. First Sexton passed Webb, then Plessinger fell. Suddenly Sexton was out front.  Tomac also passed Webb and then slowly started to reel in Sexton It all came down to the second to last lap. Tomac was a few bike-lengths behind Sexton, who got held up by a lapper. Just as the white flag came out, Tomac took the lead. He put several seconds on the field on the final lap.

1 Eli Tomac
2 Chase Sexton
3 Cooper Webb
4 Jason Anderson
5 Dylan Ferrandis
6 Aaron Plessinger
7 Marvin Musquin
8 Joey Savatgy
9 Ken Roczen
10 Justin Barcia
11 Malcolm Stewart
12 Martin Davalos
13 Mitchell Oldenburg
14 Broc Tickle
15 Kyle Chisholm
16 Tyler Bowers
17 Cade Clason
18 Fredrik Noren
19 Kevin Moranz
20 Alex Ray
21 Vince Friese
22 Max Anstie


Seth Hammaker overcame deceptively slippery conditions to win heat one. Photo by Brian Converse.

The first race to take the track after a few hours of light rainfall was 250 heat one. Seth Hammaker got the holeshot, but barely stayed up in the first few turns, eventually losing the lead to Robbie Wageman. Justin Cooper crashed hard right away, and had to spend the whole race playing catch up. Wageman, Hammaker, Jalek Swoll and Mitchell Harrison all  took turns up front. Hammaker went down  in the middle of the race, but was able to remount and repass everyone. In the end, he held on to the top spot despite a hard charge from Cooper, who came all the way from last to second.

1 Seth Hammaker
2 Justin Cooper
3 Mitchell Harrison
4 Kyle Peters
5 Cedric Soubeyras
6 Jalek Swoll
7 Stilez Robertson
8 Derek Kelley
9 Gared Steinke
10 Ryan Sipes
11 Robbie Wageman
12 Dilan Schwartz
13 Sean Cantrell
14 Cory Carsten
15 Cheyenne Harmon
16 Bradley Lionnet
17 Colby Copp
18 Logan Boye
19 Kyle Greeson
20 Carson Mumford


Cameron McAdoo was up front early, but Hunter Lawrence took over in spectacular fashion. Then  the two of them banged bars for a couple of laps. McAdoo crashed trying to retake the lead, but was up fast. He rode out the rest of the race in fourth place with visibly bent bars. Lawrence finished with a 6-second lead over Garrett Marchbanks, Chris Blose and McAdoo.

1 Hunter Lawrence
2 Garrett Marchbanks
3 Chris Blose
4 Cameron Mcadoo
5 Enzo Lopes
6 Jerry Robin
7 Dominique Thury
8 Ty Masterpool
9 Coty Schock
10 Nate Thrasher
11 Derek Drake
12 Pierce Brown
13 Jace Owen
14 Ryan Surratt
15 Dustin Winter
16 Blaine Silveira
17 Chris Howell
18 Jarrett Frye
19 Jared Lesher
20 Ramyller Alves

250 MAIN

Nate Thrasher earned his first podium and his first victory.

There was nothing predictable about the 250 West Main Event. Star Racing’s Nate Thrasher lead every lap, while the series favorites struggled to keep up. It was the rookie’s first career win, having finished no higher than ninth beforehand.  Of the title contenders, Justin Cooper came out best, finishing second and padding his points lead over Cameron McAdoo by a couple more points. Both of them had trouble at some point in the race.  At one point, Thrasher was out front while Mitchell Harrison, Garrett Marchbanks, Cooper and McAdoo all banged bars. McAdoo almost hit Marchbanks and then crashed on the asphalt. Later Marchbanks went down and handed second place to Cooper.  Cooper slowly started to make up ground on Thrasher, but some lap-race mistakes ended that.  Seth Hammaker and Hunter Lawrence both fell, but caught up to fourth and seventh, respectively.

1 Nate Thrasher
2 Justin Cooper
3 Cameron McAdoo
4 Seth Hammaker
5 Kyle Peters
6 Mitchell Harrison
7 Hunter Lawrence
8 Jalek Swoll
9 Pierce Brown
10 Coty Schock
11 Stilez Robertson
12 Ryan Sipes
13 Chris Blose
14 Garrett Marchbanks
15 Cedric Soubeyras
16 Ty Masterpool
17 Dominique Thury
18 Enzo Lopes
19 Derek Kelley
20 Gared Steinke
21 Derek Drake


Jason Anderson came in to Atlanta feeling good enough to capture the top 450 qualifying spot.

1 Jason Anderson 1:37.726
2 Chase Sexton 1:37.991
3 Aaron Plessinger 1:38.561
4 Malcolm Stewart 1:38.870
5 Dean Wilson 1:39.017
6 Eli Tomac 1:39.077
7 Ken Roczen 1:39.312
8 Justin Barcia 1:39.393
9 Cooper Webb 1:39.423
10 Martin Davalos 1:40.515
11 Dylan Ferrandis 1:40.588
12 Joey Savatgy 1:40.716
13 Max Anstie 1:41.540
14 Marvin Musquin 1:41.810
15 Vince Friese 1:41.837
16 Broc Tickle 1:41.948
17 Mitchell Oldenburg 1:41.964
18 Tyler Bowers 1:42.471
19 Kyle Chisholm 1:44.018
20 Alex Ray 1:45.403
21 Josh Hill 1:46.285
22 Cade Clason 1:48.069
23 Fredrik Noren 1:48.184
24 Joan Cros 1:48.890
25 Adam Enticknap 1:48.977
26 Jeremy Smith 1:49.097
27 Justin Starling 1:49.146
28 Nick Schmidt 1:49.625
29 Scott Champion 1:49.691
30 Henry Miller 1:49.719
31 Kevin Moranz 1:50.036
32 Logan Karnow 1:50.081
33 Curren Thurman 1:50.405
34 Scotty Wennerstrom 1:50.628
35 Joshua Cartwright 1:51.551
36 Aj Catanzaro 1:51.878
37 Deven Raper 1:53.160
38 Mason Kerr 1:55.617
39 Theodore Pauli 1:56.810
40 Justin Rodbell 1:57.008
41 Ronnie Stewart 1:57.615
42 Bobby Piazza 1:58.734
43 Scott Meshey 2:00.044
44 Vann Martin 2:00.995
45 Joshua Greco 2:01.529
46 Luke Neese 2:01.635
47 Benny Bloss 2:04.479
48 Justin Bogle 2:05.626
49 Wilson Fleming 2:13.444
50 Austin Cozadd 2:13.459
51  Dirco Van der Westhuizen


1 Cameron McAdoo 1:39.185
2 Justin Cooper 1:39.610
3 Hunter Lawrence 1:41.289
4 Ryan Sipes 1:41.477
5 Chris Blose 1:41.517
6 Seth Hammaker 1:41.844
7 Garrett Marchbanks 1:42.418
8 Stilez Robertson 1:42.572
9 Nate Thrasher 1:42.817
10 Kyle Peters 1:42.872
11 Pierce Brown 1:43.024
12 Mitchell Harrison 1:43.033
13 Jarrett Frye 1:43.074
14 Sean Cantrell 1:44.285
15 Dominique Thury 1:44.368
16 Jalek Swoll 1:44.888
17 Coty Schock 1:44.995
18 Cedric Soubeyras 1:45.059
19 Jace Owen 1:45.141
20 Derek Kelley 1:45.246
21 Jerry Robin 1:45.757
22 Dilan Schwartz 1:45.789
23 Enzo Lopes 1:45.863
24 Chase Marquier 1:45.894
25 Ty Masterpool 1:46.119
26 Carson Mumford 1:46.790
27 Ramyller Alves 1:47.206
28 Robbie Wageman 1:47.288
29 Derek Drake 1:48.115
30 Gared Steinke 1:48.272
31 Dustin Winter 1:48.924
32 Bradley Lionnet 1:49.188
33 Chris Howell 1:50.453
34 Cheyenne Harmon 1:50.610
35 Blaine Silveira 1:50.710
36 Colby Copp 1:50.794
37 Jared Lesher 1:51.417
38 Logan Boye 1:51.744
39 Ryan Surratt 1:52.224
40 Cory Carsten 1:52.459
41 Kyle Greeson 1:53.730
42 Chance Blackburn 1:54.017
43 Mason Wharton 1:54.729
44 Nathan Augustin 1:55.178
45 Dawson Ryker 1:55.899
46 Garrett Hoffman 1:57.261
47 Hunter Calle 1:58.506
48 Hardy Munoz 1:58.525
49 Michael Hicks 2:00.253
50 Kameron Barboa 2:00.450
51 Izaih Clark 2:02.237
52 Tre Fierro 2:02.542
53 Todd Bannister 2:07.556
54 Addison Emory 2:09.134
55 Camron Mitchell 2:17.287
56 Brock Papi 2:19.285

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