At the 6th annual international beach race in Breck sur Mer/ F. KTM-MX Team Chief Stefan Everts, has dominated over the present top flight pilots!


Stefan Everts floats over the sand

At the 6th annual international beach race in Breck sur Mer/ F. KTM-MX Team Chief Stefan Everts, has dominated over the present top flight pilots!

Beach races have been and continue to grow in popularity with spectators and riders alike! This is especially true for the north west of France, as here the long rough coast as a backdrop intermittently specked with manmade See pools. This Mix of an urban landscape and wild coast easily looked over from above, along the long promenades; give the action on the natural terrain race course below, an atmosphere unlike any other.

Everts in action

KTM-MX Team Chief Stefan Everts

Fort he riders this means only on thing: Energy robbing sand! The magnitude of sand at the 6th event in mid October in the northwest of France makes no exception. On the Opal coast as it is referred to, has sand that is more likable to powder! The race course is shaped each year in the same layout by a small army of earth moving equipment. Only to be, literarily, completely washed away by the time the riders pass the checkered flag.
KTM-MX-Team Chief Stefan Everts, had one of his rare ‘part time comebacks’ in Berck. The ten time MX-World champion found himself surrounded by elite riders! Not only the riders of the KTM-Factory team Rui Goncalves, Shaun Simpson where present, but stars such as Joschua Coppins, Steve Ramon from the world championship.  Plus the many famed French sand specialists!
His skill of riding in the sand is beyond doubt. But the challenge to conquer big events like this is a factor which drives Stefan Everts!
Heading out with a KTM-Factory 450 SX-F, there was only one question: Would he still have the stamina, on this energy sapping race course?
This question Sefan Everts answered in the most impressionable way! The champion of old seamed to ‘fly’ over the 3.2 km long quickly disintegrating race course. He made his intentions clear in the two 25 minute and one lap races of the big class. From this he preceded to destroy all comers, in the Super final where the best of all classes where represented.
Stefan Everts: „This is a very pleasant surprise, as I had not done any special training for this event’. ‘Beach races with the many waves are so hard! After the super final I was totally exhausted’. ‘Race another race or the Le Tourquet? No. Probably not.’  ‘I have to concentrate as, Team Chief, on the coming 2010 season.’
If anyone wants to see what other exceptional talents Stefan Everts also has, should do themselves a favor and head on down to  Milano in November! Because at the EICMA, KTM will be presenting a motocross bike which carries the development signature of Stefan Everts.
Results Berck sur Mer
First Race MX1
1.Stefan Everts
2.Marc De Reuver
3.Timoteï Potisek
4.Joshua Coppins
5.Steve Ramon  
Secound Race MX1
1.Stefan Everts
2.Timoteï Potisek
3.Steve Ramon
4.Rui Goncalves
5.Adrien Van Beveren
1.Stefan Everts
2.Timoteï Potisek
3.Shaun Simpson
4.Steve Ramon
5. Mickael Pichon

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