PRODUCT: The Asterisk Cell knee protection system has been around for over a decade and has morphed during its evolution around several patented design concepts. First is the A.R.C. (Adjustable Retention Control) cuff, which makes it completely adjustable for fit yet remains rigid. It uses a simple, low-profile strapping system, along with a natural, free-motion, rolling-gliding hinge that follows the natural movement of the knee. The main frame is a carbon-fiber-matrix, tibial-plateau-capturing design that provides strong yet lightweight protection, Also, a brace-to-boot tether attachment helps prevent lower-leg rotation, plus it has a full-coverage patella cup that offers complete coverage.

OUR TAKE: For those of us who believe that knee braces are a crucial part of riding dirt bikes and who have been around the block have had a relationship with the original CTi knee braces. That unit was custom-made and hugely expensive, and we wore them for years. The Asterisk is very similar, albeit an over-the-counter brace that sells for considerably less. We chose the Asterisk Cell over the more expensive Ultra Cell because it’s more comfortable, less bulky and, to us, works better for the dirt bike rider.

The Cell is completely adjustable at the thigh and calf and at the glide hinge for tibia alignment and knee extension. The kneecap protection (patella cup) telescopes as a three-piece unit and protects every facet of the knee cap. Also, it’s comfortable through the full motion and is made from strong nylon 6 material. The frame is a carbon fiber epoxy design that is both rigid and will distribute an impact. It uses a series of Velcro-release straps to hold it to your leg and comes in a broad range of sizes. Overall, the Cell adjusts nicely to your upper and lower leg, is lightweight and reasonably priced (at $699 a pair).

NEGATIVES: We have two complaints: First, the unit is a little bulky. Second, the calf strap seems very low, and the brace tended to slip down. For proper alignment, you run the strap high up on your calf muscle so that it resists slippage. Because the strap is mounted low on the brace, it wants to run under your calf muscle, and there is nothing to keep it in position during a hard ride. Honestly, though, this is an issue with nearly every strap-mounted knee brace we have worn.

BOTTOM LINE: For our knee-brace-wearing staffer, the fit and feel of the Cell braces rate as excellent. He’s adjusted to the bulkiness, and to fight the slippage, he has altered the method in which he adjusts the straps. The bottom line is that the Asterisk Cell braces never leave his gear bag.

PRICE: $699 per pair


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