Round one of the three-round AMA West Region ISDE Qualifier Series (which was also round two of the AMA District 37 Sprint Enduro Racing Series) saw Jacob Argubright put in solid rides in familiar territory to go 1-2 on the weekend and take the early points lead as well as a good chance to make the US ISDE team headed to Portugal in November for the 94th FIM ISDE.

Dante Oliveira

If someone wishes to earn a spot on the U.S. team (aside from those chosen by the AMA ISDE Advisory Committee for the U.S. World Trophy, Junior World Trophy and Women’s World Trophy teams), he or she must ride one or both of the bicoastal Qualifiers.

AMA Off-Road Director Erek Kudla explains the selection procedure.

With the East opener taking place earlier in Mississippi, those from the left side of the country flocked to the Wagon Wheel Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Area near Red Mountain, California, for round one of the AMA West Region ISDE Qualifier Series. (It also happened to be round two of the AMA District 37 Sprint Enduro Racing Series.)

LOI bikes are impounded between days.

Both Regions have three rounds, and each round is comprised of two points-paying days. Team members will be chosen based on their four best days so each round is doubly important, though many potential candidates plan to ride all three rounds just in case something happens to give them a bad day or two in the early going.

Jacob Argubright’s win is no surprise given that he’s very familiar with the area which hosts a number of District races as well as rounds of the hare & hound Nationals over the years. But he’s not familiar with the intricacies of Six Days should he qualify. In this area, Dante Oliveira has a little head start, having gone to his first ISDE last year in Chile and doing very well. Though Oliveira could muster “only” third on Saturday behind the dominating Argubright and J.T. Baker (who also rode his first ISDE in Chile), you could see by test times that he was catching on to the flow of things in the dez as the day went on.

Tarah Gieger topped Women AA both days as did Jayson Densley in LOI E4 class for eligible Seniors. 

Though it was kind of a new format for hosting club Lost Coyotes, AMA Off-road Racing Manager Erek Kudla was on hand, having flown out from Ohio. In fact, he’ll be at all rounds East and West to answer the myriad questions that inevitably pop up. And at this one, he got back to his roots and rode, having borrowed a Beta 200 RR test bike from Dirt Bike Magazine.

Round two takes place next month in Idaho, site of the AMA West Hare Scrambles last year, though snow is unlikely this time.

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