April, 2-3 2005

Jonny and I drove my Kawasaki box van over, on Friday, to go check out the course. This is my first time racing in 29 Palms, and from everything I’ve heard about the race it should be a lot of fun. We walked some of the 8-mile loop, and it looks like it’s going to be on the faster side with some really cool sandy sections and one fast pavement section. The last Big 6 race I did in Taft was a lot of fun, so that’s why we decided to try another one.

We headed out to the track early in the morning, because I was entered in the Unclassified race at 8 a.m. I would say there were a little over 200 riders in this race. I was starting on the front row with a lot of other fast pro riders. I didn’t get that great of a start, but was able to get into 3rd going out on the off-road part. Kurt Caselli was leading, followed by Scott Myers, myself, Paul Krause, Steve Hengeveld, Mike Childress, and Johnny Campbell (something like that). As soon as we hit the rocky uphill, I really had to slow down due to the dust. It was a lot worse then I thought it would be. After the first lap, I was still in third but wasn’t that far behind Scott. A couple of laps went by, and I moved into second after Kurt pulled off for some mechanical work. Not to far after this, I made the pass on Scott and had a good lead with two laps to go. I played it safe and was able to take the win.

Results Overall:
1st Destry Abbott
2nd Steve Hengeveld
3rd ?

My next race was the 250 race, which was also the same time as the open 4-strokes. The bad thing about this race is the fact that I was going to be starting on the second row, 30 seconds back. There were around 45 open 4-stroke experts in front of me. When the 250 row took off, I was in second. I was able to take the lead on the first lap and started to try to pass as many 4-stroke riders as I could. It was actually a lot of fun, but the roost from some of the big 4-strokes didn’t feel to good. A little past the half way point I was able to get by Mike Childress, Johnny Campbell, Steve Hengeveld, Scott Myers, Spud Walters and some other fast guys. My KX 250 was working so good in the rough stuff, and that’s where I was making all my passes. With a few laps to go I was running third overall, but we decided to stop for a quick splash of gas. Jonny did a great job, and was able to get me back on the course without losing any spots. Going out on the last lap, I could see Mark Tilley not to far in front of me. When we were coming into the last mile, we were on the mx section and I was doing everything I could to get by. Finally with a couple of corners to go, I was able to get by him on the outside to finish 2nd overall. I was actually really happy with the way I rode, and the way the bike worked. Kurt was able to check out early and it took me to long to pass everyone to even have a chance at giving him a run. Maybe at the next big 6 he’ll start on the second row with me:)

Results (250cc)
1st Destry Abbott
2nd ?
3rd ?

Last night Jonny really wanted to ride the mornings team race, but couldn’t find a partner. I told him I would ride, but I think he was trying to find someone a little better:) We got out to the race track pretty early to get everything done. I was going to start and then Jonny would ride the next lap. After the first lap, I was in second right behind Kurt Caselli. Jonny took off and rode a good second lap. We really weren’t planning on going out there to go as fast as we could. Jonny just wanted to figure out where the course went before his race (250F). When he came in, I think we were around 5th. This time I took it easy and tried to find some better lines that weren’t so rough. On my last lap, I decided to try and ride Jonny’s bike for a lap. He has my last years KXF250. I had a lot of fun and by the time the race was over we actually finished 3rd overall out of 74 teams. We both had a good time and then it was time to hurry up and get ready for the vet race, which was right after the team race.

I was going to be starting on the second row again, with the open vet riders on the front row. When our row took off, I was able to get the hole shot and try to catch up to as many open riders as I could. By the end of the first lap I was in second overall, and passed a lot of open bikes. On the second lap, I was able to take the overall lead. The next four laps went really well and the KX 250 worked perfect.

Results (vet)
1st Destry Abbott
2nd Revell Harrison
3rd ?

My last race of the day was my 250F race. I would also be starting on the second row with the open bikes on the first. I knew I wasn’t going to have much luck with winning this overall. This course is definitely an open bike course. Most of the riders are gearing there 450’s 14/45, that kind of gives you an idea on how fast it is. Anyway, I got a third place start but was able to take the lead in my class before the first lap was over. I was making some passes on the open riders, but some of them would pass me right back when we hit a long straight away. It was kind of frustrating, but a little fun at the same time. Towards the end of the race, I was able to get into third overall. This is actually way better then I thought I would be able to do. On the last lap I could see Mike Childress right in front of me, but I was giving my KX250F everything I could. I came up a little short, but won my class again. I had so much fun in this race, but I know it’s going to be even better when the 450’s come out.

Results (250F)
1st Destry Abbott
2nd Ryan Mcintire

Other Notes:
This weekend was really good to me and a lot of fun. I won all four classes I went out to win. Now I just need to bring that speed to the WORCS races.

One of my sponsors American Racing Wheels, has been doing some full page adds in some of the major Truck magazines. I just picked up the latest Dirt Sport (April) page 5. Four Wheeler (April issue) has a two page spread, page 3 and 4. They did a great job with the add and it gives us motorcycle guys more exposure, which is always good. Thanks again to American racing for the add. By the way they do make great wheels www.americanracing.com.

This Big 6 race had a total of 1,440 entries for the weekend.
My next race is this weekend. I’ll be up in Utah for round 3 of the AMA H&H series.

If you haven’t checked out the latest Dirt Bike magazine, you really should. They have some really cool stuff on my race bike and some how-to riding tips with a few of us pro’s. They also have some great off-road coverage.

Best Wishes,

2005 Sponsors:
Kawasaki, FMF, Thor, Dunlop, ACME, Kawasaki Acc., Scott, SIDI, CTI2, Motion Pro, Bent, Works Connection, Hinson, IMS, Scott’s, Jonre.com, Cyto Sport, Acerbis, BRP, Pro Clean 1000, Trick, Varner, ZLT, Sprocket Specialist, DP Pads, Shoei, UNI, American Racing Wheels, RK/Excel, 909, Wiseco, Motorex, N-style, V-Force, and Twisten Wrenches.


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