After a solid week of rain every one was glad to see sunny skies and warm temperatures for the South Carolina round of the GNCC series. So far this year there have been three winners in three races and the tight rooty trails of the 12 mile circuit promised a nose to tail race that should prove exciting.

Yamaha mounted Jimmy Jarrett got off to his usual good start, followed by Jason Raines and Mike Kiedrowski. Rodney Smith, Barry Hawk, Mike Lafferty and Fred Andrews were in tow as they headed off on their first of six laps. But things were not so good for Lafferty, clipping some ones rear tire in the fourth turn going down hard, breaking his drink system and barely getting going before the 250A class started a minute behind the pro?s.

Raines would soon take the lead, with Kiedrowski hammering his backside. MK told DB that the trail was tight, heavily hacked and rutted and would suite his style. But he wanted to bide his time and hang in the front pack of racers. Meanwhile, Lafferty was making an unbelievable charge from the back coming in after the first lap to get a new drink system in 8th. Near the end of the second lap Lafferty had moved his way up to Raines with Kiedrowski in third. Soon Lafferty took the lead, shadowed by Kiedrowski with Raines, Smith, Andrews and Hawk running pretty much nose to tail. The end of the third lap would bring ever one in for fuel with the running order of Lafferty, Jarrett, Andrews, Smith and Hawk. Kiedrowski was on the side of the trail, a branch had cleaved off his fuel petcock and he was done

When the white flag came out Andrews, Lafferty and Raines were in a dogfight out front while Smith stalked them just a short distance back. Raines then moved past Lafferty (who was starting to feel some effects from his first lap crash) and started to work on Andrews but couldn?t make the pass following him

1) Fred Andrews                  KAW
2) Jason Raines                  YAM
3) Rodney Smith                  SUZ
4) Mike Lafferty                 KTM
5) Barry Hawk                    YAM
6) Steve Hatch                   SUZ
7) Josh McLevy                   YAM
8) Randy Hawkins                 YAM
9) Jimmy Jarrett                 YAM
10) Robbie Jenks                 YAM


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