APRIL 16–AMA H&H (Jericho, Utah)

APRIL 16–AMA H&H (Jericho, Utah)

April 12, 2003

Coming into this race, I really feel like my training is starting to pay off. I’ve been working really hard to get back to 100% and I’m hoping to see some great results at this race. This club does a great job putting on a good tough national. It might be a little on the dusty side, but it’s been pretty windy here. I was able to break in my new KX 500 race bike, that John Braasch built the day before the race (Friday). After riding it for a couple of hours, I knew this bike was capable of winning. Darryl at ACME gave John a new set of suspension to put on the bike. I can honestly say that this stuff is probably the best I’ve ever ridden with. I’m really looking forward to tomorrows race.

Race Day

The race started around 12:00 and it was really windy. I felt I had a good line for the bomb. Right after the bomb the course takes us through the sand dunes, which can be a little scary trying to go fast when you don’t know what’s coming up. When the banner dropped, I had a good jump and was able to get to my line first. (Brian Brown and I were going for the same line.) Brian was actually able to pass me a little over a half a mile out. By the time we went past the bomb, Brian was leading with me in second and then Russ Pearson followed by David Pearson. As soon as we went into the dunes, there was a pretty big drop off that Brian went flying off. It was pretty scary, because Brian flat landed and went over the bars. (He was ok, though.) Now I was leading, but a little nervous trying to go fast over the dunes. Russ was able to pass me not to far into the race, and I just followed him. Russ and I were riding really well and started to pull away from the rest of the field. Just a little over 10 miles out, I was able to pass Russ and take the lead. It stayed that way until just before the end of the first 43-mile loop. Russ was able to catch back up to me in the tight stuff and passed me when I missed a turn. We were really having a great time riding together. (We were yelling and hollering at each other when we were close.) After leaving the pits, I was about 15 seconds behind Russ with Robbie Zimmerman running third about three minutes behind us. Then I think it was David Pearson in fourth. I felt if I could keep Russ within site, I might have a shot at winning this thing. Russ was riding really good and wasn’t making many mistakes. About 15-miles out I was a few seconds behind him and felt really good. That’s until we were going thru the tight sagebrush. I was standing up through it and one of the branches pulled my foot off the peg and out, and that’s when I heard a pop in my right knee. I knew right away I had torn my meniscus again. This is something that hurts really bad when it happens. This has been an ongoing problem this year, but with my schedule I haven’t been able to give it enough time to completely heal yet. I’m actually having arthroscopic surgery this summer when I’ve got some time off. I’ll only be out for about three weeks and then finally 100%. Back to the racing! After that Russ started to pull away and there wasn’t much I could do. Russ went on to win the race and still leads the series at this point. I was able to bring it in for second overall, but as you can imagine I wasn’t too happy. I don’t know if I could’ve won the race if I didn’t hurt my knee, but it would’ve been a great finish. Third went to Robbie Zimmerman who rode a great race and won the 250 class. Fourth went to Brian Brown who made a great charge from the back of the pack after his crash. Fifth went to Ty Davis.

Top 6:
Russell Pearson
Destry Abbott

Robbie Zimmerman

Brian Brown

Ty Davis

David Pearson

Other Notes:

The club put on another great event and did a fantastic job on the markings.

My next race will be in two weeks. On Saturday, I’ll be racing with my partner Shane Esposito in the Pahrump 200 Best in the Desert race. Then the following day we have a national H&H in Lucerne. Should be a busy weekend.

This year has been up and down, but I’m focused and I really want those #1 plates back. Thanks for your continued support; it always motivating to know my sponsors are rooting for me:)

After the first two rounds, Russ is leading with two wins. I’m sitting in second with two seconds. Brian Brown is running third and then Ty Davis is 4th.

Best Wishes,
Kawasaki, O’Neal, FMF, Scott Goggles, SIDI, Dunlop, Pro Clean 1000, ACME Suspension, Scott’s, BRP, Shoei, DP Pads, Wiseco, Motorex, Hinson, Sprocket Specialist, Protapers, CTI2, Works Connection, Bent, MX Posters, Streight Edje, N-Style, ZLT, Acerbis, V-Force Delta, Motion Pro, Varner, Trick, Excel, RK, Steahly, UNI Filters, Top Speed, and Moto Loco


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