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HERO stands for Helping Everyone Reach Out.



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The SCORE Baja 1000 is a grueling offroad race over the Baja peninsula in Mexico.  It spans a period of 24 hours requiring competitors to race in the dark. Anything can happen.  Many will not even finish!  





HERO’s All amputee Team to contest the 2012 Baja 1000

‘We are a group of experienced Baja off—road motorcycle riders racing the upcoming Baja 1,000 as a fundraiser to generate money for prosthetics and modified equipment for spinal cord injuries for returning American soldiers so they can participate in the sports they love. As former veterans and physically challenged athletes, HERO Racing is very passionate about helping… Read more



HERO names recipient of prosthetic Leg !


This active boy is Nicholas.  He is an amputee.  But thanks to the efforts of HERO and the Challenged Athletes Foundation he will receive a new prosthetic.  His father writes, ‘ We cannot thank you and the HERO team enough!  Nick is very excited about getting the new leg.  If there is anywhere that he struggles at all, it’s with his ability to run and maneuver quickly.  He has done very well with what he has, but this will certainly give him an advantage over what he has now.  He is very excited and can’t wait to try it out for winter basketball.’






HERO uses APPLIED R/S Triple Clamp Kits and Sets

We improved on the traditional cone type rubber mount clamp and desgned a top clamp kit which will minimize vibration without producing the usual vague feeling and excessive handlebar movement. 

If rubber mount is not for you, the kit also comes with solid aluminum inserts.  Our new Rubber/Solid design will appeal to all riders.  Only $189.95 for the Top Clamp kit. 

R/S Clamp Applications


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