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TEMCULA, California Applied Racing announced today the release of its brand new top triple clamp line.  The new R/S line is unlike any on the market today.  The Rubber / Solid design is the best of both worlds. 



Proprietary urethane elastomer bushings provide excellent vibration damping characteristics.  This strong and abrasion resistant formula withstands over 2200 PSI.  These elastomer bushings are contained in machined pockets on the top clamp.  Then, precision machined Stainless steel collars are inserted into the elastomer bushings providing a mechanical restraint while still isolating the bar mounts from vibration.  The bar mount is then secured with a strong grade 10.9 bolt. The proper torque secures the bar mount and pre-loads the elastomer bushings. Pre-load ensures the bushings completely fill the pockets and isolate the bar mounts.  This is a much better system than the previous conical shaped bushings.  


Also included in the kit is a set of 6061 aluminum bushings.  These precision machined solid bushings fit into the pockets in place of the elastomer bushings and create a solid mount system.


You decide which mount system you want depending on the type of riding you are doing. Then add your choice of bar mount.  Bar mounts are available for standard or oversized bars and three height options in most cases.  All feature offset mounting holes for adjusting handlebar location.  Top it off with the included one piece bar clamp to tie both mounts together and you have a twist-free Rubber or Solid system.


R/S Top Clamp Kit (includes R/S Top Triple Clamp, elastomer and solid bushings, bar mounts, one piece bar clamp, and hardware).

MSRP:  $189.95  Also available in sets (top and bottom) and for Kit forks.

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About Applied Racing

Our goal is to bring high quality, unique, and innovative products to the motorsport industry at the best possible price.  We only design and manufacture products that will increase performance and/or appearance your bike or will improve on existing OEM products.  Our designs are created in house by the founder of the company (an avid motorcycle enthusiast and rider) not a contracted draftsman.   Only the strongest aircraft quality materials are used in our manufacturing process.  Our products are all precision machined in house on the latest CNC equipment in our Southern California facility.




Contact information:


Christi Duffy

Applied Racing


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