The first Supercross of the 2020 season is in the books now and it was eventful. In the 250 class, three riders separated themselves from everyone else: Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Austin Forkner and Star Yamaha teammates Justin Cooper and Dylan Ferrandis. Ferrandis was fast all night at Anaheim, setting fastest lap and winning his heat, but after the gate dropped in the main event, he found all his fastest rivals in front of him. Justin Cooper got in front early, with Austin Forkner passing him for the lead on the first lap. Then the  two of them pulled a slight lead over Christian Craig while Ferrandis worked his way up. On lap eight, Ferrandis moved into third, but he had a good seven seconds to make up before he could join the Forkner/Cooper battle in front. With four laps to go, Forkner fell and remounted, but was apparently disoriented and entered the wrong section of the track, cutting off a turn. After that, the running order was Cooper, Ferrandis, Forkner, Christian Craig and Michael Mosiman. That’s how they finished, prior to any intervention from the referee. After a short debate, Forkner’s finish was adjusted to fifth place. For extended coverage of Anaheim 1, click here.


1 Justin Cooper
2 Dylan Ferrandis
3 Christian Craig
4 Michael Mosiman
5 Austin Forkner
6 Cameron Mcadoo
7 Brandon Hartranft
8 Derek Drake
9 Jett Lawrence
10 Alex Martin
11 Jacob Hayes
12 Michael Leib
13 Robbie Wageman
14 Killian Auberson
15 Carson Brown
16 Mitchell Oldenburg
17 Jay Wilson
18 Logan Karnow
19 Derek Kelley
20 Chris Howell
21 Luke Clout
22 Mitchell Falk


The first heat got underway with Alex Martin in front. It wasn’t long before both Austin Forkner and Justin Cooper were on him, pushing hard. They came together with Forkner getting the worse end of the deal and going down. In the very next section, Cooper passed Martin for the lead and then pulled away. Forkner recovered to earn third ahead of  Derek Drake. Back in ninth place, Derek Kelley and Mitchell Falk battled for the final transfer spot with Kelley coming out on top.


1 Justin Cooper
2 Alex Martin
3 Austin Forkner
4 Derek Drake
5 Jacob Hayes
6 Jett Lawrence
7 Jay Wilson
8 Robbie Wageman
9 Derek Kelley
10 Mitchell Falk
11 Michael Mosiman
12 Chris Howell
13 Ludovic Macler
14 Devin Harriman
15 Aaron Tanti
16 Mathias Jorgensen
17 Brian Marty
18 Chase Felong
19 Dare Demartile
20 Kordel Caro


The second heat of 2020 got under way with Christian Craig getting the holeshot. The only bad news for him was that Dylan Ferrandis got an uncharacteristically good start. Ferrandis quickly took the lead and was unchallenged all the way to the finish. Martin Castelo and Mitchell Oldenburg came together while running near the front, and the two would spend the rest of the race battling for the final transfer spot. Cameron McAdoo and Brandon Hartranft worked their way forward throughout the race and ended up third and fourth.


1 Dylan Ferrandis
2 Christian Craig
3 Cameron Mcadoo
4 Brandon Hartranft
5 Luke Clout
6 Killian Auberson
7 Michael Leib
8 Mitchell Oldenburg
9 Carson Brown
10 Martin Castelo
11 Cheyenne Harmon
12 Dylan Woodcock
13 Logan Karnow
14 RJ Wageman
15 Deegan Vonlossberg
16 Lorenzo Camporese
17 Geran Stapleton
18 Chance Blackburn
19 Taiki Koga
20 Wyatt Lyonsmith

250 LCQ

Michael Mosiman got a huge holeshot in the Last Chance Qualifier, trying to vindicate himself for his heat race crash. He checked out, leaving Mitchell Falk for hold off the rest of the pack in second. Eventually, Falk got a little breathing room. In the end, Logan Karnow was third, and Chris Howell  earned a place in the main event by bumping Taichi Koga out of the way in the last turn.


1 Michael Mosiman
2 Mitchell Falk
3 Logan Karnow
4 Chris Howell
5 Taiki Koga
6 Mathias Jorgensen
7 Cheyenne Harmon
8 RJ Wageman
9 Dylan Woodcock
10 Lorenzo Camporese
11 Geran Stapleton
12 Devin Harriman
13 Dare Demartile
14 Deegan Vonlossberg
15 Brian Marty
16 Chance Blackburn
17 Wyatt Lyonsmith
18 Chase Felong
19 Kordel Caro
20 Ludovic Macler
21 Martin Castelo
22 Aaron Tanti

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