As a dirt bike rider, you always want to push your limits and take things to the next level. This can’t happen without a bike that’s in top-notch condition. From motocross races to rigorous trails, having a few parts that boost your bike’s performance gets the job done for you. However, the high costs of such parts may intimidate you.

This article mentions four important dirt bike parts to take your dirt bike game to the next level.

Dirt bike exhaust system
An aftermarket exhaust system is the simplest way to boost your motocross or enduro bike’s performance. Many riders prefer to have it installed on their bikes. A separate slip-on muffler will also enhance your bike’s performance. However, we recommend kitting yourself out with the full exhaust system for the best results. The header pipe plays an indispensable role in how the additional power is delivered. Many aftermarket exhaust systems offer a boost in horsepower and adjust the power delivery from the standard. They’re also lighter than the OEM unit, which is another performance factor to consider.

An oversized front brake rotor
Almost all of the World’s best riders use an oversized front brake rotor to enhance the bike’s braking performance. Moreover, it’s a bolt-on part that can be easily fitted on the bike. An oversized front brake rotor will circulate heat from the pad more efficiently. This helps to maintain braking powering during race conditions while also increasing brake pads and rotors’ life. Though it’s some investment, it will do away with the need for regular pad replacements while boosting the front brakes’ performance at the same time. You will need additional caliper brackets to fit the additional size if you decide to switch to an oversized rotor.

Holeshot device
A holeshot device is a button or clip fitted on your bike’s right-hand fork guard. As the suspension is compressed & the button is engaged, the device latches onto the locking ring that winds around the fork itself, holding the forks down in position. It lets you better position yourself on the bike. With the front end down, you can also plant your feet properly on the ground. These two key benefits let you get on the low ‘attack’ position needed to get the power to the ground. The device keeps the front wheel nice and low and inhibits the bike from doing a wheelie as you release the clutch. This means you’re less likely to loop out with the bike’s weight. Moreover, it automatically disengages when the forks compress.


Rekluse Automatic Clutch

Rekluse clutches have gained tremendous popularity over recent years. You can find them fitted on many factory bikes in motocross, supercross, and enduro. The clutch engages & disengages automatically while allowing braking & manual use of the clutch-lever simultaneously. They’re designed to limit stalling at low speeds. Moreover, it lets the motocross riders ride a taller gear throughout corners and use the rear brakes liberally without the fear of stalling. It also simplifies the clutch use that focuses on throttle control and line selection. The enduro riders can easily navigate difficult terrain – thanks to the clutch’s automatic modulation that allows better traction in wet conditions. Moreover, steep hills can also be driven on without concerning about feathering the clutch to keep the RPMs up and the bike running. The conventional bike equipment won’t allow such advanced riding; that’s why the Rekluse automatic clutch boosts your bike’s performance.

The four parts mentioned in this article let you touch amazing speeds and ride on difficult terrain. Don’t forget your protective gear while riding your bike in such conditions. Boots, chest guard, goggles can’t be left out. However, your helmet is one thing that’s the most important. So, make sure you buy from one of the reliable brands, such as Fox Helmets. They offer quality and variety at accessible price points.