Roczen looked strong once again, battling hard with Webb for the whole Moto. Roczen suffered a mechanical late and Webb went on to win.

Cooper Webb grabbed the hole shot followed by Roczen. Brayton sat in third, with a track that was hugely rutted and technical. Roczen passed Webb went the KTM pilot made a mistake and Ken showed great speed in the whoops once again. Malcolm Stewart came on strong, passed Brayton mid way and one lap front the end Roczen suffered a mechanical (possible flat rear) and let Webb back 2020 for the heat win.  Justin Brayton finished third, Dean Wilson fourth and Benny Bloss in fifth.

1 Cooper Webb KTM 450SX-F FE
2 Ken Roczen Honda CRF450R WE
3 Justin Brayton Honda CRF450R
4 Dean Wilson Husqvarna FC450 FE
5 Benny Bloss KTM 450SX-F FE
6 Malcolm Stewart Honda CRF450R
7 Chad Reed Honda CRF450R
8 Tyler Bowers Kawasaki KX450
9 Logan Karnow Kawasaki KX250
10 Ryan Breece Suzuki RMZ450
11 Carlen Gardner Honda CRF450R
12 Fredrik Noren Suzuki RMZ450
13 Preston Taylor Kawasaki KX450
14 Carter Stephenson Yamaha YZ450F
15 Joshua Cartwright Kawasaki KX450
16 Mason Kerr Kawasaki KX450
17 Scotty Wennerstrom Kawasaki KX450
18 Alex Ray Kawasaki KX450
19 Deven Raper Kawasaki KX450


Jason Anderson grabbed his first heat win since 2018.

Zach Osborne grabbed the start, Anderson second and Friese in third. Barcia pushed hard getting by Plessinger and Friese. Tomac was near the back of the pack at the start moving to fifth  by halfway. Anderson passed Osborne for the lead, Plessinger repassed Barcia looking  strong.  Anderson went on to win, his first heat race victory since 2018. Tomac passed Pllessinger and Barcia in one swoop moving into third behind Osborne.

1 Jason Anderson Husqvarna FC450 FE
2 Zach Osborne Husqvarna FC450 FE
3 Eli Tomac Kawasaki KX450
4 Justin Barcia Yamaha YZ450F
5 Aaron Plessinger Yamaha YZ450F
6 Blake Baggett KTM 450SX-F FE
7 Martin Davalos KTM 450SX-F FE
8 Vince Friese Honda CRF450R
9 Justin Hill Honda CRF450R
10 Broc Tickle Suzuki RMZ450
11 Cade Clason Kawasaki KX450
12 Kyle Cunningham Suzuki RMZ450
13 Adam Enticknap Suzuki RMZ450
14 Kyle Chisholm Yamaha YZ450F
15 Nick Schmidt Husqvarna FC450
16 Alexander Nagy KTM 450SX-F
17 Theodore Pauli Kawasaki KX450
18 Josh Greco KTM 450SX-F
19 Jake Hogan Yamaha YZ450F
20 Tevin Tapia Yamaha YZ450F


1 Kyle Chisholm Yamaha YZ450F
2 Kyle Cunningham Suzuki RMZ450
3 Broc Tickle Suzuki RMZ450
4 Ryan Breece Suzuki RMZ450
5 Adam Enticknap Suzuki RMZ450
6 Cade Clason Kawasaki KX450
7 Fredrik Noren Suzuki RMZ450
8 Carlen Gardner Honda CRF450R
9 Carter Stephenson Yamaha YZ450F
10 Theodore Pauli Kawasaki KX450
11 Alexander Nagy KTM 450SX-F
12 Joshua Cartwright Kawasaki KX450
13 Mason Kerr Kawasaki KX450
14 Deven Raper Kawasaki KX450
15 Scotty Wennerstrom Kawasaki KX450
16 Josh Greco KTM 450SX-F
17 Jake Hogan Yamaha YZ450F
18 Tevin Tapia Yamaha YZ450F
19 Nick Schmidt Husqvarna FC450
20 Preston Taylor Kawasaki KX450
21 Alex Ray Kawasaki KX450



Snaring the main event hole shot goes to Osborne, tailed by Webb. Tomac is in third, Roczen is in fifth. Osborne and Webb are duking it out hard, with Webb finally winning out while Tomac sneaks into second. Webb and Tomac are pulling out a lead over Zach, who looks pretty strong. Roczen is going backwards, as Anderson tags him hard and blows by the Honda rider. Tomac blitzes Webb in the whoops in a classic pass. Tomac is on a mission. Webb is second, eight seconds in front of Anderson who’s in third place. Roczen appears to have hit the wall again as Mookie smokes by in the whoops.

Webb passes Tomac in the whoops as they lap 7th place Roczen.  The duo has nearly a 20-second lead over third place Anderson. Tomac repossess Webb again, these two are flat gnarly and lap Mookie who’s in fifth place! Lappers are huge issue! This is wicked racing! Tomac takes the win with Webb right in his rear view mirror! Jason Anderson finishes third, Zach Osborne get fourth.

Webb and Tomac lapped Roczen twice in the main event.
1 Eli Tomac Kawasaki KX450
2 Cooper Webb KTM 450SX-F FE
3 Jason Anderson Husqvarna FC450 FE
4 Zach Osborne Husqvarna FC450 FE
5 Malcolm Stewart Honda CRF450R
6 Dean Wilson Husqvarna FC450 FE
7 Justin Brayton Honda CRF450R
8 Martin Davalos KTM 450SX-F FE
9 Justin Barcia Yamaha YZ450F
10 Ken Roczen Honda CRF450R WE
11 Aaron Plessinger Yamaha YZ450F
12 Blake Baggett KTM 450SX-F FE
13 Benny Bloss KTM 450SX-F FE
14 Chad Reed Honda CRF450R
15 Justin Hill Honda CRF450R
16 Vince Friese Honda CRF450R
17 Broc Tickle Suzuki RMZ450
18 Kyle Chisholm Yamaha YZ450F
19 Kyle Cunningham Suzuki RMZ450
20 Tyler Bowers Kawasaki KX450
21 Ryan Breece Suzuki RMZ450
22 Logan Karnow Kawasaki KX250
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