KTM has added another two-wheeler to its line of electrified products. Two premium-level balance bikes have been announced in order to introduce young riders to the sport of off-road riding early. The official KTM press release appears below:
KTM North America Inc. has increased its electrified product range with the new KTM 18eDRIVE FACTORY EDITION and KTM 20eDRIVE FACTORY EDITION machines. Built in collaboration with STACYC, these limited-run, special edition balance bikes take their place alongside the KTM 12eDRIVE and 16eDRIVE models and the beginner-friendly, yet competition-ready, KTM SX-E 5. The five-model-strong mini E-RIDE range aims to continue growing the sport of motorcycling by offering the perfect starting point or training companion for riders in the hunt for their first, or next, podium finish.
The all-new KTM 18eDRIVE FACTORY EDITION and KTM 20eDRIVE FACTORY EDITION feature a new 36 Volt motor platform and come with the power and range to tackle aggressive riding terrain or longer trips with the crew. Power your aspiring rider with FACTORY-level performance, thanks to top-shelf componentry and dirt-shredding, high-flying electric performance delivered by the brushless motor and quick-change battery. For training or playing, these are the machines we wish we had while growing up.
KTM 18eDrive Factory Edition
The KTM 18eDRIVE FACTORY EDITION is the next choice in the eDRIVE range and is ready to deliver a whole new riding experience. With 3 power modes, the KTM 18eDRIVE FACTORY EDITION will still allow the progression your little rippers expect from STACYC but with a much larger growth curve. With a top speed of 18 mph, and dressed in FACTORY EDITION-specific hydraulic Hayes disc brakes and race-inspired paint scheme, the KTM 18eDRIVE FACTORY EDITION has the ability to unlock endless opportunities and develop the skills your little rippers have dreamed of. Weighing in at 31 lbs. with the battery, this ride is perfect for kids between 8-10 years of age, and up to 115 lbs.
KTM 20eDrive Factory Edition
This is the top choice for young shredders and is ready to deliver the most exciting and energized riding experience imaginable. Like the KTM 18eDRIVE FACTORY EDITION, the KTM 20eDRIVE FACTORY EDITION offers 3 power modes to enable manageable progression as little rippers become medium sized rippers. Topping out at an impressive 20 mph and equipped with FACTORY EDITION-specific MANITOU J-Unit front forks and Hayes hydraulic disc brakes, the KTM 20eDRIVE FACTORY EDITION provides the performance and control to own the local pump track or for backyard domination. At a light 33 lbs. and with an adjustable 23 inch seat, the KTM 20eDRIVE FACTORY EDITION is ideal for kids between the ages of 10-12 and up to 115 lbs.
  • Special FACTORY EDITION colors and graphics styled after the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing team bikes
  • Hayes Dominion brakes with 160 mm front and 140 mm rear discs
  • For the KTM 20eDRIVE FACTORY EDITION, Manitou J-Unit fork with 80 mm travel
  • All-new 36V Brushless motor platform with proprietary Cush Drive
  • Full aluminum, heat-treated frame with proprietary shaped tubes
  • Nylon wheels with sealed bearings and pneumatic tires
  • Proprietary throttle assembly with STACYC custom grips
  • Three proprietary ride modes to change acceleration and speed:
Red (training) 18/20: ~ 9/10 mph
Yellow (standard) 18/20: ~ 13.5/15 mph
Green (advanced) 18/20: ~ 18/20 mph
  • KTM 18eDRIVE FACTORY EDITION: 30-45 minute run-time* | 1.5 hour charge time
  • KTM 20eDRIVE FACTORY EDITION: 30-60 minute run-time* | 3 hour charge time
  • Quick connect/disconnect 40Vmax Voltage (36Vnom) battery
  • Industrial grade charger included
* Run-time is entirely dependent on terrain, hills and skill level
The new KTM 18eDRIVE FACTORY EDITION and KTM 20eDRIVE FACTORY EDITION balance bikes are available in the U.S. and Canada only and will arrive at authorized KTM dealers from June 2022 onward. For more information, visit www.KTM.com.
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