In celebration of the history and legacy of desert racing, from the American Southwest to the iconic Baja Peninsula, Scot Harden and Johnny Campbell once again hosted the Handstands at 100mph event. After its success in 2021, the second-annual Handstands at 100mph went even bigger in 2022, taking place at the famous Blackmore Ranch in Murrieta, California on September 24. The accompanying “Baja Borrego” Dual Sport ride is slated to take place December 9th and10th at the Ocotillo RV Resort.
Seventeen different motorcycle clubs and racing organizations attended the reunion and celebration that took place at Blackmore Ranch, including AMA District 37, SCORE and Best In The Desert, as well as clubs from Southern California, Nevada and Baja California,Mexico. Each brought out an impressive display of memorabilia, photos, trophies, maps,posters and gear alongside vintage and modern desert bikes, turning the sprawling Blackmore estate into an outdoor desert racing museum for the day. Food, drinks, activities including STACYC bikes and a pump track for the kids, and of course, plenty of bench racing made for a memorable day.

“Last year’s event was a huge success, one that exceeded every expectation,” said Scot Harden. “And this year’s event came together even better than we anticipated, with so much enthusiasm and support from the Baja/desert racing community.”
“This year we really wanted to target the clubs and associations that are the backbone of the sport,” said Johnny Campbell. “We were so happy to see so many clubs and promoters come out for a full day of bench racing, camaraderie, and good times. Our mission is to honor the heritage and legacy of those that have contributed so much to the sport, while at the same time inspiring future generations to take on the challenge.”
A new feature of the Handstands at 100mph was the introduction of certified legends. A handful of special guests were honored with this first-of-its-kind commemoration.
“A Handstands at 100mph certified legend is somebody that has considerable attributes to the sport of desert racing and the resume to back it up,” explained Johnny Campbell, himself an 11-time Baja 1000 champion. “This year we certified Jimmy Lewis, Jack Johnson, Lori Conway, Dick Vick and Chuck Miller as “legends” of the sport. It was our honor to have them here to talk about their accomplishments in desert racing, and chat with each of them.”
At 92 years young, Dick Vick, a former desert racing champion and childhood hero of Johnny Campbell’s, stepped up to accept his certified legend acknowledgement. Jimmy Lewis, Jack Johnson, Chuck Miller and Lori Conway were all smiles on stage—and happy to dole out some ribbing to hosts Harden and Campbell.

Scot Harden and Johnny Campbell. Photo by Jean Turner

The Warrior Built Foundation, a charity organization that provides recreational therapy for combat veterans, was in attendance, and accepted a surprise donation of the excess beer money at the end of the event. Lou Peralta and AVE Racing came out to talk about land use and encourage people to get involved with legal issues facing off-road racing. “We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our sponsors of the second-annual Handstands at 100mph event: 805 Beer, PCI Radios, Baja Bound Insurance, STACYC, Consolidated Contracting, Tacomoto, Redline Oil, REV’IT and Motion Pro,” said Harden. The September 24 gathering was only the first half of the 2022 Handstands at 100mphcelebration. Still on the way is the Handstands at 100mph Baja Borrego Dual Sport Ride, slated to take place December 9th and 10th in Ocotillo, California. “The Handstands at 100MPH Baja Borrego Dual Sport ride will be 130+ miles long and a true off-road/desert experience,” Harden continued. “In addition to the actual ride, Johnny and I will be doing a riding seminar the night before for everyone who attends. The ride will be an epic one that will challenge every rider.”
For more information on the upcoming Handstands at 100 MPH Baja Borrego Dual Sport ride on December 10 at Ocotillo RV Resort, visit https://harden-offroad.com/legendaryevents/handstands-at-100mph or Contact Scot Harden at 951-491-1819 norscot.harden@harden-offroad.com.
ABOUT JOHNNY CAMPBELL RACING (JCR)– JCR Winning the Baja 1000 a record-setting 11 times, Johnny Campbell is the undisputed “King of Baja.” His racing and life story is documented in the epic autobiography movie “True Champion”. Johnny’s current efforts are focused on providing for his race team, sponsors and paving the way for the future of Off-Road. As the owner and operator of the JCR/Honda race team that bears his name and legacy, American Honda has entrusted him with the future of the company’s Off-Road racing success. Campbell is also recognized as one of the world’s top development riders. His passion for success and his one-on-one approach to working with his clients resound in every detail of his operation. His dedication to his calling is unwavering, and while his goals have changed his humble and committed approach to achieving them remains the same.
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