Nick Burson rode flawlessly to collect the overall win. At his point, he says he’s not interested in going to the ISDE. Photo Kato.

I had a great time at the VCMC Qualifier last weekend. It was west coast round one of a revitalized ISDE selection process. The previous weekend, the first east coast round was held in Florida. One very cool aspect was that EnduroCross rider Cody Webb showed up and had great speed. He’s interested in riding the ISDE in France this year.

Cody Webb said he had a blast. He plans on going to the ISDE, but he says he’s not in contention for the Trophy team–at least not this year. Kato photo.
Paul Krause rode well but had to forfeit day two when his son Brandon broke his foot. If you’re the son of an iconic District 37 rider, it was a good day to stay home. Kelly Postel (son to ISDE rider Pete Postel)  crashed in the exact same spot as Brandon and they both waited together for the paramedics to come for them. Kato Photo.
Justin Morgan set some fast times, but didn’t top any special tests. Always so close … Kato photo.
I finished near the bottom of the pile in the Senior LOI class, but actually had a great ride. For me. Kato Photo.
Former Loretta Lynn’s Senior winner Kevin Foley is thinking about the ISDE. He was third in the Senior LOI class, and wants to add a Six Days medal to his shelf. Kato photo.



Gas Gas is up to speed these days. The company from Girona has released a new trials bike: the latest generation Gas Gas TXT Racing E4. The bike has evolved and meets the demands of the new Euro4 environmental regulations. We don’t actually understand what that means, but it’s enough to say it has undergone substantial internal improvements.


Matthew Phillips won the World Championship on a 300 SEF-R in 2016. The 2017 Factory replicas are said to be extremely close to being the same bike as he rode including the graphics and components. The bikes include the new WP Xplor suspension, an Akrapovic exhaust, a Pyramid saddle, anodized wheels … and of course the factory graphics kit, that is similar to the factory Sherco.

FOUR-STROKES: 450, 300, 250

– Akrapovic exhaust system
– Special injection mapping
– New WP XPLOR fork, setting on the top (pre-load, compression, rebound)
– Full rear disc
– Pyramid, anti-slip saddle cover
– In Mold Factory Graphics
– Blue anodized wheels

TWO-STROKES: 250, 300

– FMF exhaust system
– New WP XPLOR fork, setting on the top (pre-load, compression, rebound)
– Full rear disc
– Pyramid, anti-slip saddle cover
– In Mold Factory Graphics
– Blue anodized wheels

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We’re pretty impressed with the Alpinestars  Tech 7 Enduro line up. There are some new colors for 2017. Here’s that the company has to say about them:

The Tech 7 Enduro boot features a specifically engineered, treaded compound sole to provide Enduro riders superior durability, grip, feel and levels of structural rigidity. This CE certified boot promotes core stability and flex via a biomechanical link while still offering excellent ankle protection. The boot’s chassis has been designed to give complete feel and optimized interaction with bike controls, while the innovative buckle system allows easy, precise closure.

Price: $369.95


At one time not that long ago, we were in serious danger of losing the Husqvarna marque, as least as a motorcycle company. According to industry speculation, Husqvarna was purchased for nothing by KTM a few years ago, but that still meant that Stefan Pierer and the Austrians assumed big risk and debt. Now the company reports that global sales reached 30,700 units in 2016. That’s an increase of 43 percent. This follows a 32 percent growth in 2015, and now sales is said to be over 200 million Euros. Some riders still bemoan the loss of Husky as an independent maker, but things aren’t so bad.


Motorcycles are part of the Winter X Games! At least, they’re sort of motorcycles.

Aspen, Colorado hosted the first-ever Snow BikeCross competition for Winter X-Games. Qualifying proved to be challenging for riders due to the altitude and cold climate. The snowmobile course was redesigned for the event with a tight motocross feel. We were impressed to see EnduroCross champion Colton Haaker give it a try. He qualified fourth aboard a Timberseld-equipped FC 450. In the main event, Brock Hoyer was the main man. Haaker got a sixth place start and found himself involved in a battle for the runner-up spot with Axel Hodges.

Final Results – X-Games Snow BikeCross
1. Brock Hoyer (Yamaha) 14:15.115
2. Colton Haaker (Husqvarna) 14:27.071
3. Cody Matechuk (Yamaha) 14:38.794



Later today, I’ll be driving up to Taft for the second Big 6 race of the year. I had a great time at the Adelanto GP three weeks ago, and I’ve always enjoyed Honolulu Hills, where round two is held. Here’s the race info:

See you next time,

–Ron Lawson

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