DECATUR, Texas – FMF KTM Factory Racing’s Cody Webb had a great start to the 2018 extreme enduro season as he took a convincing win at the RevLimiter Extreme Enduro in Decatur, Texas. Riding aboard the all-new KTM 250 XC-W TPI (fuel injected two-stroke), Webb swept all three motos to earn a perfect score for the day.
Webb began his dominance on Saturday, where he topped the timed qualifying sessions to earn pole position for Sunday’s racing. The event hosted a three-race format, each consisting of a slightly different challenge for the riders. In race one, Webb didn’t get the best start but he battled with the other riders until he was able to make a move into the lead position. From there, Webb opened up a gap on the rest of the field to ultimately take the first win after one and half hours of racing.
The second race of the day was a one-hour competition. Webb once again got off to a slow start but he patiently waited for his opportunity to attack. It didn’t take long for Webb to put himself out front and he rode on to ultimately finish more than seven minutes ahead of the competition.
The third and final race of the day was perhaps the most challenging of them all, despite being the shortest in time. With only 45 minutes of racing, Webb jumped to the front right away and worked hard to create a gap on the rest of the field. The third and final loop of the day proved to be much more technical than the previous two, which made for a difficult time to pass lapped traffic late in the race. Despite the obstacles, Webb pushed through to earn his third victory of the day in Texas.
Webb: “I was really happy with my riding all weekend. In the final race, I was able to make it through all the lappers and open up a nice gap on the rest of the field. It was really good to have my fastest lap on the final lap of the race as well. It was my first time on the all-new KTM 250 XC-W TPI and it was a great way to start the extreme enduro season for 2018.”
Overall Pro Results
1. Cody Webb, 1-1-1 (KTM)
2. Cory Graffunder, 2-3-3 (HQV)
3. Jordan Ashburn, 3-2-4 (BET)
4. David Knight, 4-4-2 (GAS)
5. Mitch Carvolth, 6-5-5 (KTM)
cody webbFuel injected 2-strokeKTM 250XC-W TPI