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But is it really all that affordable? Scott Wright is the co-owner of IMS, a company that is synonymous with Fueling systems and foot pegs (plus a veritable plethora of affiliations with winning off-road championships) and he had an itch in his craw to build the Working Man’s Factory ride. The dream of building an […]


Turning a YZ250 MXer into a YZ285 off-road missile When you hear the name Wiseco you think naturally think of dirt bike pistons. But Wiseco does a whole lot more than just forge pistons at their Ohio plant. They forge clutch baskets, inner hubs, pressure plates and a whole line off-the-radar parts for the automotive […]


  STAR ISLAND MOTOSPORTS KTM 530EXC-RHengeveld’s KTM dealership and F2 Racing build a street legal weapon The Hengeveld clan (from whom Steve is the most famous) owns several dealerships in Arizona and offered one of our editor’s a free ride on one of their new full kit bikes- a dialed in KTM 530EXC. By the […]


 Honda has come out with a dual-sport motorcycle loosely based on the CRF230F named to CRF230L. The CRF230L has the addition of a lot of parts to make it a street legal machine. The addition of emissions, a very quiet muffler, headlight, turn signals, steal tank, tools and other street worthy additions, bumps the over […]

Flo X-Air filters

 Because they’re hidden within the bowels of the machine, the air filter is pretty much a forgotten cog with a high-end role. While we’re not getting into prep here, we will talk about the Flo-X air filter, which comes with two external foam covers (filter skins) that help deflect incoming dirt and make for quicker […]

’08 KTM 450XC MODS

    Making the rocket more palatable FMF• F2 Racing• Dicks Racing By Tom Webb If there’s an issue with the new KTM 450XC it’s that it is simply too much bike. The sucker is supposed to be an off-road bike and it snarls, explodes and claws for traction with more bite than a motocrosser. […]


 “The riders can’t handle 450s. If everybody was James Stewart, we wouldn’t have this problem. The competition is bad because very few riders can ride the bike to its potential.” Those were the words of AMA Pro Racing’s Steve Whitelock at the Detroit Supercross. The riders he was talking about were the best racers in […]


   On paper, the KTM 450SX is one of today’s most successful bikes. It finished second in the Nationals, it basically wreaks a dyno and it has one of the most hi-tech motors on the market. But when we finally rode last year’s version, we were torn. It surpassed expectations in a few ways, but overall […]


 Never mind that Honda hasn’t won an important championship since R.C. left the fold. Never mind that the CRF450R hasn’t changed that much in four years. Never mind that Suzuki has fuel injection, Kawasaki has James Stewart and Yamaha has a new National Championship. The Honda CRF450R will continue to be the most important dirt […]


 Everyone has heard of Husaberg. Not everyone has seen one and almost no one has ridden one. The company has never made more than 1000 units a year (usually fewer), yet with those meager numbers, Husaberg won more world championships in the ’90s than Suzuki and Kawasaki put together. Crazy, huh? Here’s the short version of […]

2008 KTM 450XC

In spite of the fact that KTM has owned the off-road world via a truckload of niche-driven hardware designed to occupy every aspect that an off-roader could possibly embrace, they’ve pretty much shelved their entire lineup and started from scratch. The new off-road KTMs are based entirely on the SX machines that feature the new […]

2008 BMW Dirt Bike?

BMW engineers aren’t just thinking about building a full-fledge dirt bike anymore; they’ve done it. Little glimpses and photos of a new German 450 keep leaking out of Europe. And the bike is exactly what you would expect from BMW: very unconventional. Not to worry, though, the bike isn’t freakishly weird. It has the basic […]

2008 Aprilia RXV 450

    Hearing about it and seeing it are two different things. The Aprilia RXV450 sounds like little more than a technological sideshow on paper; it’s a fuel-injected, V-twin dirt bike with a frame and swingarm that look like they came right off a road-race bike. It’s interesting, but hardly seems like a realistic dirt […]

2008 KTM Baja 690

KTM really tried to come in under the radar with their Baja 690. The machine is based around the SuperMoto 690, which features a fuel-injected 653cc, 65 horsepower new generation LC4 engine. But sticking reigning National Hare and Hound Champion David Pearson, Dakar veterans Chris Blais and Cyril Depres on a unique machine in an […]

2008 Kawasaki KX250F

They can let the Kawasaki guys dole them out to whichever riders they want, particularly in the 250F class. If you look at a list of the bikes that have won the Lites class for the last few years, the Kawasaki KX250F is drastically overrepresented. You would assume that there are more KX250Fs than any […]

Building The World’s Fastest Dirt Bike

 This whole thing really jelled because of Malcolm Smith. I started working with him about two years ago when he started using my Power Now carburetor device. I had built some bikes for him to auction for his charity in Mexico. Then the movie ‘Dust to Glory’ came out and this is when I learned […]

2008 Yamaha YZ250F

You would think that Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda and KTM would show a little respect. You would think that Yamaha would get some morsel of credit for creating the 250F class and giving everyone else a new market to sell motocross bikes. You would think that they would all back off and let Yamaha enjoy the […]


  Honda finally announced its 2008 line to the public at its dealer show, but the press was allowed to see and ride the bikes beforehand. The big news was a lack of big news as far as fuel injection was concerned. But Honda still had a few tricks to show.  Number one on the […]


KTM’s Baja and Vegas to Reno effort was a testing ground for a new production bike. The Hard Enduro has an all-new motor with an upright cylinder and it•s aimed at the Honda XR650R crowd. Very little is known of the bike at this point, but KTM is calling it a late 2008 model.