Beta’s 450RX motocross bike is getting closer to reality. A works version of the bike was entered in the  Russian GP  for the SDM Corse Beta Racing Team with Jeremy Van Horebeek. He qualified 18th and then finished 11th in each moto.  Here in the U.S., a commercial featuring Van Horebeek was shown on MAV TV during the broadcast of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series.

In the TV spot, the bike is said to be a 2022 model, but the U.S. Beta importer says it is not yet a production bike. The GP bike is clearly based on the 430RR-S dual-sport platform, but no official specifications have been released yet. There are obvious differences in the engine cases. The production model still has a provision for a kickstarter, whereas that entire part of the engine is absent on the works bike. The bike that Van Horebeek rode has KYB suspension and an HGS exhaust.

Given Beta’s success at the Russian GP, the Beta project is doubtlessly gaining steam. Earlier in the year, Van Horebeek did an interview with the British media at

“The last two years I rode a Honda, so that was my point of comparison. In itself I turn much easier with the Beta. The frame also performs much better than that of an old Honda. I have never ridden the new CRF450R so I cannot compare that. But in terms of handling it is still a day and night difference with my old Honda. Really crazy how different that feels! In terms of engine, they have no experience in motocross so that is all new. That is still a bit of searching, but the basis is very good. The main work. are now our starts, a lot will depend on that. But otherwise it looks great already. ”

Jeremy Van Horebeek preparing for the Russian GP.


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