A very busy schedule at Glen Helen Raceway resulted in a seven-week gap between round two and round three of SRA’s 2022 Grand Prix season. That resulted in a large crowd that was ready to go racing for the last weekend of March. The course was a blend of the National track, the Lucas Oil Truck track and the Arroyo vet track resulting in lap times that were approaching 10 minutes. Gordon Ward usually dominates the 50+ Experts, but he didn’t make the line for race one, meaning that the top spot was up for grabs. It was Tim Clark who rose to the challenge with Giovanni Spinali, Craig Williams and Marc Matson following him in. Darren Lowrey was the top over-60 rider, although he had his hands full with Marc Johnson on his RM250 two-stroke. Johnson fell late in the race and couldn’t quite catch back up, but still finished second. The 40+ Expert race did have Gordon Ward on the line, but he had to contend with Mark Tilley, who was just off the couch after knee surgery. The two of them were on top of one another for the entire race–in fact, the official scoring placed them one second apart at the end with Tilley on top.

Marc Matson was fourth in the 50+ Expert class. Photo by Ryan Vitelli.
Randall Fout raced in the 60+ Expert Class in Motocross Action colors. Photo by Ryan Vitelli.

The Pro race was another close one. Colton Aeck was fourth off the line on his KTM 250XC-F, but at the end of lap one, he came around in first with 450 Pro Todd Sibell right on his tail. The two of them were both leading their respective classes, but they stayed glued to each other for the entire race. Aeck got bragging rights by finishing one second ahead after 45 minutes of racing. The next SRA GP will come up much more quickly; scheduled for just two weeks away on April 10, 2022. For full results go to SRAGP.com.

Mark Tilley came back from knee surgery to do battle with Gordon Ward. Photo by Logan Stupin.
Colton Aeck was the top Pro on his KTM 250. Photo by Logan Stupin.
Todd Sibell battled with Colton Aeck throughout the 45-minute race. Photo by Logan Stupin.


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