Cooper Webb finally put it together for round six of the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross season in San Diego. The points battle between Ken Roczen and Eli Tomac was upstaged by a one-on-one battle between Webb and Adam Cianciarulo up front, both of whom were out to score their first win of the season. In the end, Webb’s win moved him into third in the points although Roczen still keeps a narrow point lead.


Ken Roczen was perfect in heat one. Photo by Travis Fant.

Ken Roczen got a spectacular start with most of his rivals mid pack. Cooper Webb got the worst of it, actually going down on the first lap. Eventually Eli Tomac started working his way forward, and got as far as third behind Zach Osborne, but then he could go no farther. The two of them banged bars on the final lap, but Eli couldn’t make anything stick. Roczen finished with an 11 second lead. At the line, it was Ken Roczen, Zach Osborne, Eli Tomac, Justin Hill, Aaron Plessinger, Cooper Webb, Martin Davalos, Vince Friese and Chad Reed.
1 Ken Roczen
2 Zach Osborne
3 Eli Tomac
4 Justin Hill
5 Aaron Plessinger
6 Cooper Webb
7 Martin Davalos
8 Vince Friese
9 Chad Reed
10 Kyle Chisholm
11 Cade Autenrieth
12 James Weeks
13 Adam Enticknap
14 Jerry Robin
15 John Short
16 Joan Cros
17 Joel Wightman
18 Alexander Nagy
19 Tevin Tapia
20 Alex Ray

450 HEAT 2

Adam Cianciarulo has been the fastest man at all six rounds so far. Photo by Travis Fant.

Adam Cianciarulo pulled the holeshot with Blake Baggett close behind. Justin Brayton and Baggett started getting into it on the first lap while Jason Anderson and Dean Wilson battled for fourth. Justin Barcia eventually came up and started getting in to the mix, as Wilson dropped back. On the final lap Anderson and Baggett were making contact in several turns, and Anderson’s bike sustained some sort of wheel damage. He dropped back to fifth, just hanging on ahead of Malcolm Stewart. At the flag, it was Adam  Cianciarulo, Justin Brayton, Blake Baggett, Justin Barcia, Anderson, Malcolm Stewart, Dean Wilson, Tyler Bowers and Ryan Breece.

1 Adam Cianciarulo
2 Justin Brayton
3 Blake Baggett
4 Justin Barcia
5 Jason Anderson
6 Malcolm Stewart
7 Dean Wilson
8 Tyler Bowers
9 Ryan Breece
10 Benny Bloss
11 Jason Clermont
12 Joshua Cartwright
13 Austin Politelli
14 Nick Schmidt
15 Cade Clason
16 Aj Catanzaro
17 Kyle Cunningham
18 Curren Thurman
19 Theodore Pauli
20 Josh Greco

450 LCQ
1 Benny Bloss
2 Kyle Chisholm
3 Jason Clermont
4 Alex Ray
5 John Short
6 Adam Enticknap
7 Joshua Cartwright
8 Cade Autenrieth
9 Nick Schmidt
10 Aj Catanzaro
11 James Weeks
12 Kyle Cunningham
13 Joel Wightman
14 Curren Thurman
15 Theodore Pauli
16 Alexander Nagy
17 Tevin Tapia
18 Josh Greco
19 Cade Clason
20 Jerry Robin
21 Joan Cros
22 Austin Politelli


Cooper Webb outlasted Adam Cianciarulo in the main. Photo by Travis Fant

Cooper Webb’s sixth-place showing in the heat would normally have relegated him to a poor gate pick, but because of the oversight of other riders, a good inside gate was left open. He claimed it and used it to pull a holeshot. Adam Ciancairulo was right there, though, and made a pass for the lead early in the race. Blake Baggett was a solid third place, but Ken Roczen and Eli Tomac were outside the top 10. As the race opened up, Cianciarulo, Webb and Baggett were able to get a small gap on the field, while Roczen and Tomac  picked off one rider at a time. By the time they came upon Malcolm Stewart in sixth, it would no longer be easy. Roczen was momentarily held up by Stewart and Tomac got around both of them. Then Tomac had to work on Justin Barcia while Rozen worked on Stewart.  The battle for the lead heated up in the final few laps. Webb was able to make up considerable time on Cianciarulo in the second set of whoops, and he eventually used that to set up a pass for the lead.  He would go on to win the race with Cianciarulo second, Baggett third and Tomac fourth.  Roczen has passed Stewart, but was never able to pass Barcia for fifth, and was visibly upset about it.

1 Cooper Webb
2 Adam Cianciarulo
3 Blake Baggett
4 Eli Tomac
5 Justin Barcia
6 Ken Roczen
7 Justin Brayton
8 Malcolm Stewart
9 Justin Hill
10 Aaron Plessinger
11 Zach Osborne
12 Martin Davalos
13 Dean Wilson
14 Jason Anderson
15 Vince Friese
16 Tyler Bowers
17 Benny Bloss
18 Kyle Chisholm
19 Alex Ray
20 Jason Clermont
21 Chad Reed
22 Ryan Breece


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