In this week’s 2-Stroke Tuesday brought to you by Decal Works, we give you a detailed look at our 2006 KTM 200 complete off-road rebuild. It always surprises us how good the 200cc machine is on the trails. We have another KTM project in our Behind The Build section that you don’t want to miss.


Our project 200 is a transition bike of sorts. Test rider Spencer Clark wasn’t really ready for 250cc four stroke but had outgrown his CR85. If you have a rider in this situation the KTM 200 is the answer.

The engine was rebuilt using OEM replacement parts from Vertex, Hot Rods and some service from Millennium Technologies.

Tugger lifting straps are great when you get into sticky situations on the trail. We put them on both ends of the 200.

Increasing fuel mileage is easy with a little help from IMS. An oversized tank makes long trips possible and that extra piece of mind knowing you have enough gas is priceless.

Trail Tech’s X2 light provides ample amounts of light and is easy to install

For very tight technical trails that have slippery rocks or roots, having a trials tire is like cheating. The Dunlop D3o3 was our choice for the 200 build.

This machine is a blast in just about any type of riding conditions.


We started our trail build with the last 300XC model to come equipped with a carburetor: the 2019 KTM 300XC. This machine was fairly well-received by the carbureted community as a whole but did have some issues. One major issue was the constant need to modify jetting specs in the Mikuni unit that came on the bike stock