AMA Supermoto Schedule Changes Again

It what must be the least consistent and most changed race shceudle in motorcycle racing history, the AMA Supermoto schedule announces yet another round of date and venue changes. Amazingly the ten-race series has changed dates and venues almost ten times so far in 2007…and the series still has six races and several months to go. Anyone want to start a pool on how many of those six races will be cancelled, moved or have their dates changed?

In the latest news:  AMA Racing announced that the AMA Supermoto Championship round scheduled for September 9, at the Oklahoma Motorsports Complex in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, has been removed from the schedule and the Sept. 15, round at the Pacific Grand Prix in Seattle, Wash., will move to a new venue in Redmond, Ore., on Sept. 29.

In making the announcement, AMA Racing Vice President, Doug Neubauer noted that there will still be six rounds remaining on the schedule and combined with the four that have already run, the final event will become a double header keeping it a solid ten round championship.

Neubauer acknowledged the challenges facing the young championship and confirmed the AMA’s commitment to the series, now in its fifth year. ‘There’s no doubt we continue to face many hurdles with professional Supermoto racing,’ commented Neubauer. ‘However, in no way does that diminish our belief and support of the discipline. Our focus is to continue to seek quality promotional partners that have the ability to conduct an AMA Supermoto event with the support and presentation it deserves. We expect that and our teams and riders demand it.’

Neubauer pointed to a number of recent organizational changes as an example of the moves the AMA is making to improve its management of racing. ‘AMA Racing has just completed an extensive reorganization including a number of personnel changes,’ said Neubauer. ‘As we have stated all along, these changes were made with the explicit goal of improving racing overall. For Supermoto specifically, we are looking at a number of possible changes for the 2008 season. Again, we are absolutely committed to the championship and we are exploring a number of different business models to keep it viable. In the short term, though, our primary objective is the successful conclusion of the current season.’

The AMA Supermoto series resumes after a brief seven-week hiatus on Aug. 25. at Stafford Motor Speedway in Hartford, Conn.

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