Nearly three dozen individuals representing user groups, manufacturers and the aftermarket industry attended  an AMA-hosted symposium in Southern California on Wednesday, December 12 to discuss sound-related issues facing the motorcycle industry.

AMA President and CEO Rob Dingman led the meeting along with several AMA and AMA Racing staff members. ‘This was a chance for us to sit down with key industry experts and exchange ideas on how to solve the problems associated with excessive motorcycle sound,’ said Dingman. ‘While excessive sound is a problem for all of motorcycling, the agenda of this meeting was to focus specifically on competition.’

The round-table format encouraged dialogue from each of the major motorcycle manufacturers, representatives from leading motorcycle exhaust system companies, technical experts, and the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC). Topics included an overall discussion of motorcycle sound, the difference between professional and amateur events, the role of the industry in sound control and the current state of sound testing procedures. The meeting served as a source of information gathering and sharing of ideas but was not a policy-setting session.

‘It is the belief of the AMA that all riders should exhibit responsibility when operating their motorcycles, particularly when it comes to sound,’ said Dingman. ‘We also believe that as the national leading sanctioning body for both amateur and professional competition, we can establish sound limits in AMA events that set an example. This meeting was designed to explore what those sound limits should be and more importantly, how we get there. Through our ongoing dialogue and partnership with the industry, the AMA will be an important voice in this critical issue.’

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