AMA H&H Round 6 Lucerne, Ca.


Race Day:

The race consisted of two loops. The first loop was 37-miles and the second was 40-miles. It was pretty dusty and I knew I needed to get a good start. When the banner dropped, I was off and had the KX450 pinned until I got to the end. I was the first one to the banner, but the guys to the left had a smoother line and were able to get by. Now I was in 3rd with Kendall leading, and Bret Saunders 2nd. I was able to get by Bret pretty quick, and now it was time to try and catch back up to Kendall. I was making a ton of mistakes and just was really struggling trying to push it. The more mistakes I made, the tighter I was getting. Kendall was pulling away and I knew I was really off today. I just tried to ride smart and not overdo it. I came into the pits running second with Kamo right behind me. As soon as we left the pits, he was able to get by me on an off-camber hill. Once he did this I was able to just key off him and ride his pace. I knew we had a pretty good gap behind us, but Kendall had a big gap on both of us too. This loop put us into some tighter sections where I felt a lot better. I just wasn’t able to hold on in the fast valleys, so the slower stuff was a lot better for me. Halfway into the last loop I was just outside of Kamo’s dust, in one of the valleys, and then the next thing I knew I hit a big rock I never saw. It threw my bike sideways and there was no way to save it. I went flying off at a really high speed, and hit the ground hard. When I finally stopped rolling, I knew I was hurting. I thought I had popped my shoulder out again since it was hurting so bad, but I could feel it was in. Then I felt my collar bone and knew right away it was broke. After a little bit I went and picked up my bike. The guys behind me all slowed down to make sure I was ok, and I gave them the thumbs up. I did the same thing to Gary Sutherlin, but he still turned around to see what was going on. I know they’re still racing so I hate when they have to stop for me, but that was way cool of Gary to do. I finally was able to get the bike started and ride it to the next check, but I can tell you that wasn’t fun at all!

 Overall Summary:

As you can guess it was a really bad day at the races for me! I’ve already been dealing with this dislocated shoulder, which was a lot harder than most people know. It’s been really tough trying to ride through it, but I didn’t want to give up on this championship. Now since I broke my collar bone, it’s time to get my shoulder fixed and look forward to the end of the year. I felt so good at the beginning of the year, and did everything to make this one a special year. I can promise you that I’ll be ready for 2011!

 Results (top 5):

1st Kendall Norman

2nd David Kamo

3rd David Pearson

4th Jacob Argubright

5th Gary Sutherlin

 Other Notes:

 On a really sad note, minutes before the race started we found out two people from Desert MC club had suffered carbon monoxide poisoning during the night. After the race I heard they were able to revive one of the guys and I believe he’s still in critical condition. Our prayers go out to all of them.

 I just got back from my Orthopedic surgeon and I’ll be having surgery to fix my clavicle tomorrow (Wednesday), since it’s broke in a couple areas. Then two weeks later I go back so they can fix my labrum. Not really looking forward to the next few weeks! 

 It looks like I’m going to have some time off the bike now. My plan is to come back to the Vegas EX race (July 17th) or the WORCS race in Washington (August 1st). It all depends on how everything is going, but I’m going to make sure I’m back to 100% before I start racing again.

 I started a fan page for Facebook. I’ll be posting updates and giving things away during the year.

 I’d like to thank the guys from Rescue 3 and the club workers that helped me out at the check. Really nice guys!
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