AMA H&H: Jericho, Utah

Race Day:
Today’s race started about 3/4 of a mile before the sand dunes and the bomb run ended at the dunes. I had a great jump and was first to the end of the bomb, but I took a bad line and hit the face of one of the dunes and lost all my momentum. Russ passed me there and I was able to jump in behind him. It was actually cool to be in the dunes since it’s not that dusty, but as soon as we jumped back into the open I got dusted out and had to back off. For the first five or so miles, I was just outside of his dust and then we came to this main road crossing that wasn’t marked. I looked over and saw a guy on a quad trying to wave me down. I stopped, and he told me we had both went the wrong way. I looked up and saw Russ coming back too. So I waved to him that we had to go back. I believe the top 5 or 6 guys did the same thing. After we headed back I was the first one to find the course,  and since Russ was leading before we got lost I slowed down and waited for him to go by (I waved him around). I didn’t think it would be fair to take the lead like that. Unfortunately I had to let him go, because it was so dusty again. The first part of the loop had some fast stuff, but then we started to get up in the hills which was really fun. As soon as we would get into the slower stuff I would get close, but it was just to dusty to try and get close enough to make a pass. I had a tough time in a few sections where I kept losing the course, and then I would find it again. Finally we had the alternate pit halfway into the first loop (60-miles). I was right on Russ and passed him while he was pitting, but then when I pitted he got right back by. For the next half of the loop, I pretty much did the same thing as before.  I would close in and then have to back off when we got on the faster sections. I was about 15-seconds back heading in to the main pit. Jonny and my dad did a great job pitting me and I was back out. The second loop was around 41-miles and I thought it would be in the trees, but we stayed in the lower stuff for a while (where it was really silty). I lost quite a bit of time, and then halfway into this loop we got back into the good stuff (the trees). The bike was working really good and I started to close in again. It’s just so tough to get within 10-seconds and not be able to do anything besides ride in the dust. I felt good, but just wasn’t having much luck getting close enough to make a pass again. I saw we only had a few miles left and I was riding like it was an ISDE special test. I pushed it, but the closer I kept getting the worse I could see. I ended up finishing 10-seconds back for second again!
Overall Summary:
This was like dejavu from last weekends H&H. I felt better this week and had a really good set-up, but I had the same problem with dust. It’s just frustrating to not be able to do anything! The one good thing is the fact that I felt really good and didn’t go down today. Just another frustrating day though!!!
1st Russ Pearson
2nd Destry Abbott
3rd David Kamo
Other Notes:
My championship hopes are getting slimmer this year (with one round left). I really needed that win today! Now even if I win the last round, Russ just needs to finish top 5 (I think). I also have David Kamo right behind me in points too.
A big congrats goes out to our USA Des Nations Team! I got up early Sunday morning to watch the last moto on the internet. There were a lot of people that doubted our team this year, but they still were able to pull it off (in Italy). It looks like it’s the ISDE teams turn to go out there and see what we can do.
I really enjoy racing the Utah H&H’s, but like I’ve said before this place can get really dusty. The club (Sage Riders) did a great job on running us on some newer stuff, but hopefully we’ll have tighter stuff next year. I do have to say the Utah riders and spectators are some of the nicest people anywhere I go to.
By the time you’re reading this I’ll be on my way to Portugal for the ISDE. It starts on October 12th and goes to the 17th.
If you want some great links to the event be sure to check out my message board. I’ll also be doing updates while I’m over there to give you some insight on what’s going on! Go team USA! Thanks again for everyone’s support!
A big thanks goes out to Jonny (my mechanic). He’s been doing a great job and is always there to try and motivate me when things aren’t going as well as I would like. I’m sure he’s going to be tired of me by the time our Portugal trip is over thoughJ
I attached some photos from Brad Bentley. 
Best Wishes,
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