AMA H&H Jericho , Utah



Race Day:

I really felt like I was ready for this race! I’ve been thinking about it, and preparing for it for over a month. I knew if I could pull off a win here, I would be sitting really well for winning my 5th National championship. On race day I showed up really early, because I was told the club had moved the start of the race up from what it was yesterday (that was a first). I got out there, and had to work on a new line. I felt like the new line I chose would be a good one. When the banner dropped, I had a first kick start and was off. I almost came together with Jacob Argubright, since our lines came together. I was able to edge him out, and was first at the end of the bomb. I saw Josh was 2nd and for the first couple miles, he was pinning it to try and get by. I was able to hold him off when we hit some really dusty sections. For the first half, I rode a good pace and knew it would be hard to pass in the dust. I went down on one of the tighter sections, but was able to get up quick enough before I could see anyone. Around the 25-mile mark I looked back to see how far Josh was behind me, but I was surprised to see it was David Pearson. I guess he made a good pass on Josh when they went across a road crossing. The first loop was really fast, and I can’t say I was having a fun time with it (48-miles). There were a few sections on this loop that had some scary washouts and some hidden rocks. I figured I would ride a nice safe pace and save my energy for the 2nd loop, which is up in the hills and a lot more technical. When I was going down pit lane I looked back to see if I could see David, but this time it was Josh. I wasn’t sure if David had a bike problem or Josh just got back around him. Later after the race, I was told that David had a huge crash; going around 90 mph. Luckily he didn’t break anything, and was able to walk away, besides knocking himself silly. I know he said it was one of his scariest crashes in years. Going out on the second loop, I started to pick it up to see if I could put some time on the guys behind me. This loop was way better and we started to get into some slower sections. Once I was in the trees, I couldn’t tell if my pace was good enough to pull away. I know Josh and Pearson ride this stuff really good too. The second loop was going really well for me, and I was riding really smooth and not making to many mistakes. About 25-miles into this loop, we started to get into some open fields again. Unfortunately, there were a lot of cows around and they had eaten most of the pie plates on the stakes. This went on for miles, and I really had to pay attention and figure out if it was a danger, corner arrow, or wrong way arrow that was missing. The club did a great job using a lot of ribbon and that helped me out. I looked back a few times and didn’t see anyone, so I started to back it down for the last 20-miles. With about 10-miles to go I went across a pretty big field, and when I got to the other side I didn’t see any dust. At this point, I knew I had a decent lead. It made the last 10-miles a lot easier, and it was nice to not have to hang it out. The last mile was pretty cool, because there were a lot of spectators cheering me on. That’s was a really good feeling to know I was going to take the win!



Overall Summary:

It was another great day of racing for me! The last two H&H’s I won wire-to-wire, and I’m starting to think I should try and do this more often. I really like the fact that I didn’t have to eat any dust J Things are starting to look really good for the overall picture that I’m working towards (another national championship).



1st Destry Abbott       Monster/Kawasaki

2nd Josh Morros         Monster/Kawasaki

3rd David Kamo         Red Bull/KTM

4th TJ Hannifin          Kawasaki

5th Matt Henderson   Kawasaki


Other Notes:

Here’s a link to Beau’s video from the race.  He made the drive from southern California to film this. Another great video clip!


I attached some photos from Brad Bentley. Thanks again for all your help.


I’d like to thank the Argubright family for letting us pit with them and hang out in their motorhome. Jacob had a great race going (4th overall), but I heard his moose went bad and he had to change wheels.


This race was a lot hotter then most of them up in Utah . I figured that would work in my favor. It was really nice to have the Thor vented gear for this one.


I have a few weekends off, then my next race will be at Hangtown , California for a WORCS race (June 15). I’m planning on sitting on the couch and getting fat now J No, but I am looking forward to being home on the weekends.


I figured out the point’s situation and it looks like I can wrap it up at the next round (one race early). If David Kamo (who is in second) wins the race, I need to be fourth or better. If Josh wins (third in points) I need to finish 8th or better. Those are the only two guys that still have a shot at the championship. It sure would be nice to take care of business before I leave for Greece (for the ISDE). I’m just going to keep working hard and hopefully it will all work out. Maybe I’ll even pull out the KX500 for the last round J .


This was another race that Kawasaki pretty much cleaned up at. There seems to be more Kawasaki ’s everywhere I go. The bikes are really good and its showing!


Best Wishes,


2008 Sponsors:

Kawasaki Racing, Monster Energy, Dunlop, Stephen Gall Training, GPR, Thor, IMS, Shoei, Pro Circuit, Kawasaki Accessories, SIDI, Acerbis, CTI2, Jonre Multimedia, BRP, Motion Pro, Works Connection, OGIO, Kicker, Hinson, Hoy Fox Toyota, AP Designs, Braking, Renthal, Scott Goggles, Team Hawg Racing, Twisten Wrenches, Cyto Sport, Red Baron, Trick, Zip-Ty, RK/Excel, N-Style, Maxima, ZLT, Bent, Steahly, Parkway Chiropractic, and Tire Balls.

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