PRODUCT: Alpinestars has a long history as one of the giants of the motocross boot world. Their Tech 7 is a high-end mid-priced boot, coming in at $250 under the price of their marquee boot, the Tech 10. The Tech 7 MX boot uses innovative materials and technology in a new design for a lighter, more anatomically profiled boot. It targets core stability and flex by incorporating a bio-mechanical pivot and has substantial padding for strong ankle protection. The Tech 7 is a non-booty boot (unlike the Tech 10) and is fit with a one-piece, injected, dual-compound foot shell with a co-injected hard toe protector and integrated steel shank. It features a dual-compound sole that integrates into the base of the boot for durability and has good grip at the footpegs. The sole and footpeg insert are replaceable.

POSITIVES: This boot came out of the box and onto our feet feeling superb. They’re comfortable and required zero break-in. For the more flat-footed pilot who fights a tight squeeze at the front of the boot, the Tech 7 toe box is roomy. Kudos to the new buckles; they’re high-impact aluminum with memory settings and feature a quick-release/locking system that is self-aligning. The bottom line is that they’re easy to click and engage even when it’s cold, and that’s a plus. Finally, the Tech 7 offers really good feel, both at the shifter and brake pedal.

NEGATIVES: Only one—the inside pivot catches on the side panel on our Husqvarna FE450. This may be because we’re donning a large-size 48, or possibly it’s the design of the panel. Anyway, it’s noted.

BOTTOM LINE: The Alpinestars Tech 7 is a wickedly good boot. They’re comfy, they feel substantial and the weight is not noticeable. We primarily use them as an off-road boot, so they have many hours on them and are holding up well. Honestly, we like them better in these conditions than the Tech 10, which is a booty design and requires some adjustment, a fairly long break-in and are heavier. The price difference also makes this boot extremely palatable.

PRICE: $349.95       CONTACT:

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