PRODUCT: Alpinestars’ new Tech 7 Enduro boots were specifically designed with the enduro and off-road rider in mind. The multi-compound sole was engineered to provide durability, grip, feel and structural rigidity. The replaceable sole and footpeg insert are mated to a one-piece, injected, dual-compound foot shell with hard-toe protector and integrated steel shank. The new ankle protection system incorporates a biomechanical link between the middle and bottom sections of the boot, helping prevent damage to the leg by providing progressive force relief for torsional forces. The shin plate and medial protection are constructed from one single piece to provide greater structural integrity and stability. The inside panel incorporates a honeycomb rubber insert designed to add grip while protecting the ankle from impacts. The replaceable aluminum buckles are self-aligning and have a memory setting to ensure a consistent fit.

OUR TAKE: It’s nice to see a boot purpose-built with the enduro/off-road rider in mind. Moto boots provide great support for the rider when their feet are on the pegs but are sometimes inadequate in the off-road environment. This boot comfortably encases your foot and lower leg without feeling too bulky or restrictive. The multi-compound sole grips the footpeg and stays firmly planted no matter how hard the trail tried to blow them off the pegs. The internal grip system around the ankle proved to be especially nice for one of our testers who has had several ankle/lower-leg surgeries. Normally, gripping the frame rail with the boot created quite a bit of pain, which caused him to ride bow-legged on the offending side. The Tech 7 Enduro boots allow him to grip the frame with his lower leg, which in turn allowed him to lighten up on the death grip on the handlebars in ugly trail sections. It only took about 30 minutes of riding for the boots to break in and offer good feedback for shifting and braking. The buckling system was easy to work, and we never had issue with them opening while riding. The lowest buckle near the toes clasps on top of the foot, which keeps it from hanging up on trail litter as you ride by. As the name implies, the Enduro boot is intended to work in less-than-ideal riding conditions, which often requires the rider to get off the bike and push over trail obstacles. Unfortunately, we had the opportunity of testing this boot’s ability to prove its prowess as a walking shoe. While testing a new machine, our rider misjudged the distance back to the truck and ran out of fuel about 3/4 mile from the truck. The boot was surprisingly comfortable during the push back. The weight is right in there with other high-end boots in this category, maybe even on the lighter side. The styling is another check mark on the positive side, because we really like the way the boots look.


GROANS: The biggest issue we experienced was getting used to the super-grippy sole. It stuck so well to the footpegs that we had to teach ourselves to lift pressure off the peg for foot adjustments. Until the boot broke in, getting a feel for the rear brake pedal made for some interesting moments on the trail.

BOTTOM LINE: Having a dedicated off-road boot in our riding arsenal is a real plus. The Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro boot has so many key features that it’s hard not to want a pair. The ankle protection is huge for one of our testers, as is the extra grip the sole provides in the nasty terrain we crave. If you’re looking for a “one boot for everything,” the Enduro boot may fit the bill, as long as you realize it won’t glide as well as a pure moto boot in the corners. For the enduro/off-road rider, this boot rates right at the top.

PRICE: $369.95


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