• 4 Individual Shell Sizes :  XS/S, M, L, XL/2XL


• 4 different EPS densities in the helmet


• Weight : 1,260 grams for size M, ECE version


• A-Head : Patented system allows easy adjustment of the angle that the helmet sits on your head. MIPS system is also included in the helmet.


• Visor : Patented system has been developed to provide the right level of resistance to release when needed with impacts from any direction. The visor system is light weight.


• Collarbone : The bottom side of the helmet is raised to clear the collarbone as much as possible for riders who choose not to wear a neck brace system. In addition, the bottom trim is soft on the collarbone area.  To maintain strength of the mouthpiece, a radial ridge has been incorporated which assures complete strength to the front of the helmet.


• Maximum Ventilation : The Interior air network channeling has extremely high ventilation values made possible by the airflow design and the location of all air intakes and outlets.


The Full-Carbon: S-M10 Helmet will be available September 2018. 

The MCT-Multi Composite Shell: S-M8 Helmet will be available in the Spring of 2019.

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