Honda unveiled a newly redesigned CRF450R for model year 2021 today as well as a number  of other bikes based on that platform. Those models include the CRF450RWE factory replica and the CRF450RX off-road racer–both of those bikes got the same long list of revisions as the CRF450R. The CRF450X trail bike and the CRF450RL dual-sport bike have virtually no mechanical changes, but did receive new styling and, in the case of the dual-sport model, a slightly different marketing strategy. By re-naming the bike with an “R” in the suffix, Honda is positioning it closer to its competition bikes and separating it from the mild-mannered CRF250L. Also, Honda announced that the 2020 CRF450R will continue to be available at a reduced price. For information on previously released 2021 Honda models, click here. For more 2021 new releases, click here.

2021 Honda CRF450R

The changes for the new CRF450R are extensive. The main objectives are weight loss, improved cornering and durability. The most dramatic departures from past models are the incorporation of a hydraulic clutch and the switch from twice pipes to a single-sided exhaust system.  Beyond that, there are extensive changes to the frame and motor. The clutch itself is new with an extra plate and a dramatic increase in surface area. The head has been redesigned with a central exhaust port. The airbox has been redesigned as well and now offers access from the side, rather than the top.

The 2021 CRF450R airbox is redesigned with a significant increase in volume on the clean side, before the throttle body. Access is now through the side.
Honda finally has given the CRF450R a long awaited hydraulic clutch.
The graph shows the relationship between clutch lever throw and resistance. The bottom line is that the overall pull is lighter.
The new clutch still has six coil springs, but now features eight fiber plates.
The decompression mechanism on Honda’s single overhead cam is now on the left side of the cam.
The 2021 Honda CRF450R head (right) now features a center exhaust port to feed the single exhaust pipe.
As part of the overall weight loss goal, the 2021 fuel pump (right) is more compact.
The steering head angle is steeper for 2021 and the wheelbase is slightly shorter.
The twin exhaust system is gone. Thank you.
The triple clamp has also been reconfigured for more flex.

Honda’s official press release is below.


2021 Honda CRF450R

The industry’s benchmark motocross machine, Honda’s CRF450R has amassed an impressive collection of awards and titles over the years. Rather than rest on its laurels, Honda has gone back to the drawing board for the 2021 model year, endowing the legendary machine with updates aimed at improved power, handling and consistency, with a focus on “Razor Sharp Cornering.” Drawing on lessons learned from Honda Racing Corporation’s global race program, including Team Honda HRC’s AMA Supercross and Motocross efforts, the 2021 CRF450R features engine updates focused on low- to midrange performance, a newly designed chassis with revised rigidity and a slimmer overall package. The combination yields a machine that performs at a high level for the duration of a tough moto.

  • Pricing: $9,599
  • Color: Red
  • Info


2021 Honda CRF450RWE

For motocross enthusiasts who demand the absolute best when it comes to performance, the premium CRF450RWE (“Works Edition”) benefits from the same improvements as the 2021 CRF450R, plus a long list of elite-level updates based on the machines in the Team Honda HRC factory race shop. As with the CRF450R, this model is endowed with important updates aimed at improving power, handling and consistency and—befitting its status as the clear benchmark when it comes to lap times—it boasts additional features aimed at refining power, suspension performance and aesthetics. New for 2021, the CRF450RWE now comes standard with a Hinson clutch basket and cover, as well as a Twin Air air filter.

  • Pricing: $12,380
  • Color: Red
  • Info


2021 Honda CRF450RX

Ridden by Phoenix Racing Honda, SLR Honda and JCR Honda at the national-championship level, the CRF450RX is well-suited for closed-course off-road competition such as GNCC, WORCS and NGPC. For the 2021 model year, it’s better than ever, getting the same important performance upgrades as the motocross-focused CRF450R and retaining off-road-specific features like dedicated ECU and suspension settings, an 18-inch rear wheel and an aluminum side stand. New for 2021, the CRF450RX comes standard with handguards and a revised 2.1 gallon fuel tank that narrows the bike width at the radiator shrouds. The combination yields a race machine that’s ready to chase arrows and ribbon along trails from coast to coast.

  • Pricing: $9,899
  • Color: Red
  • Info


2021 Honda CRF450R

Through a winning combination of performance, durability and comfort, Honda’s road-legal dirt bike has made a name for itself in the dual-sport world. And for 2021, it has a title befitting its level of performance. Now called the CRF450RL, this capable dual-sport machine remains based on the trail-connecting approach that broadens customers’ ride-planning possibilities. Powered by Honda’s proven 449cc Unicam® engine and wide-ratio six-speed transmission, plus premium long-travel suspension and twin-spar aluminum frame, the CRF450RL now comes standard with lightweight handguards for increased comfort and protection no matter where the ride leads.

  • Pricing: $10,399
  • Color: Red
  • Info


2021 Honda CRF450X

When it comes to motorcycle racing in Baja, “dominant” doesn’t quite do justice to Honda’s record. Twenty-two of the last 23 victories in the legendary Baja 1000 have gone to Honda, including SLR Honda’s convincing 2019 win, and 13 of those belong to the CRF450X. Not only does it rule desert racing, but the CRF450X is a great trail bike thanks in part to its 50-state year-round off-road-legal status. With off-road appropriate features like a side stand, 18-inch rear wheel, headlight, sealed chain and six-speed transmission, the bike is ready for desert expanses or tight woods. Sharing similar styling updates as its CRF Performance Line counterparts, the 2021 CRF450X features all-new graphics and handguards.

  • Pricing: $9,799
  • Color: Red
  • Info

2020 CRF450R

2021 Honda CRF450R

While many off-road riders demand the latest technology, a number of customers see value as a top priority, though still not willing to make a big sacrifice in terms of performance. By creating the all-new 2021 CRF450R and making an additional production run of 2020 units that will be available at a permanent price reduction, Honda is able to address the needs of both groups. The same platform raced by Team Honda HRC’s Ken Roczen and Justin Brayton in the 2020 AMA Supercross series, the 2020 CRF450R features proven performance alongside electronic rider aids like Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), which maximizes rear-tire hookup to keep all of the Unicam® engine’s horsepower driving the bike and rider forward.

  • Pricing: $8,599
  • Color: Red
  • Info


2021 Honda CB500X

Honda’s CB500X proves that adventure is everywhere. Light, powerful and rugged, the bike offers easy-to-access performance that is ideally suited for traveling or commuting. Driven by customer feedback over time, the CB500X has evolved into an increasingly adventurous machine with a bump-absorbing 19-inch front wheel, long-stroke 41 mm fork offering 5.3 inches of travel, wide handlebar and touring-focused features like a tall windscreen. On the city streets, backroads or dirt roads, the CB500X is both practical and rewarding to ride.

  • Pricing: $6,999
  • Color: Matte Black Metallic
  • Info

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