Alert! Colorado trails under attack. They need your help!

Dear Trail riders:

We have a very big problem and we really need all possible dirt bikers to show up and speak out. They have intentionally made the location and morning meeting time as difficult as possible to stack the deck in their favor.

It is also imperative that everyone drop a short email, BEFORE Friday, to the address below. This situation affects ALL COLORADO TRAILS and comments can be made by riders from ALL STATES. Please help now.   Jeff Slavens

 If You Can or Can’t Attend:

Please send an email before May 7, expressing your opinion of this latest travesty,

in lieu of Colorado State Parks Executive Director, Dean Winstanley; to [email protected]

This is the email that they are using to gather all the comments

so that they can be summarized for the Parks Board members.

We need you to ask the Parks Board to stick with the recommendations of the strategic plan presented at the March 2010 Parks Board mtg and reject the recommendations of Jim Martin, as this is an abuse of the process.

State Parks Board Meeting
May 7 at 8:50am in Woodland Park
City Council Chambers
(Please arrive by 8:30am.)

The policy and guidelines of the process regarding the OHV Program have been unilaterally changed at the last moment without public comment or new information……

In an 11th hour hijacking of a 13 month process, Jim Martin, outgoing Executive Director of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has bowed to environmental pressure and directed Dean Winstanley, Exec Dir of Colorado State Parks (CSP) to re-write and effectively derail the Parks’ staff recommendations presented at the March, 2010 Parks Board meeting that were identified as an action item to be addressed by the Board at the upcoming May 7th Parks Board meeting in Woodland Park.

This new Board recommendation will incorporate changes that are not only unreasonable changes but are designed to take control of the OHV subcommittee by putting anti-motorized members on the committee and removing some motorized members as well as shape the grant criteria so that it spits in the face of 150,000 Colorado citizens and out-of state motorized recreationists that pay for this program.

The State Parks Board will be reviewing this new proposal at their upcoming
Board Meeting on May 7 at 8:50am
in Woodland Park
WE NEED YOU THERE to protect this program and support the reasonable changes that were originally recommended at the March 2010, Parks Board meeting. Citizens appointed to Boards who have heard all the facts should make decisions not bureaucrats in back rooms flexing their muscles, particularly when they are leaving their position and have no real ongoing responsibility to constituents–that means Jim Martin.
Demand the Board support only the recommendations
made at the March meeting!!!!!

We have to go for the Jugular on this!!
The meeting is at the City Council Chambers,
220 W. South Ave. in Woodland Park, CO.
The OHV issue will be addressed at 8:50 am.
(Please arrive by 8:30am.)


We need to send a STRONG MESSAGE that lets the Parks Board know that

State Parks Action May Put all Motorized Trails in Danger and to Stop the Parks Board From Jeopardizing your favorite motorized trail.

Print signs, wear your riding jersey, bring the kids, whatever will help!!

More Information

Most Recent Dirty Tactics

As many of  you know by now, we have been ambushed by Jim martin, Director of the Department of Natural Resources on the recommended changes to the the OHV grant criteria and the OHV subcommittee as of April 14th.  The short version is, the staff recommendations presented at the March Parks Board meeting and identified as the recommendations to be addressed by the Board as an action item at the May Parks Board meeting have been derailed.  The anti-motorized agitators seeing that they were not getting everything they wanted and having had many of their ridiculous demands defeated such as the 40-30-30 split of OHV funds,  have played their last and possibly strongest card.

This is an 11th hour hijacking of a 13 month process. With pressure from the antis and no doubt Parks Board member James Prybil; lobbyist Scott Chase; Assistant Director, Doug Robotham of DNR, director Jim Martin has directed Dean Winstanley, to re-write the Board recommendation to incorporate changes that are not only not incremental changes but are designed to wrest control of the OHV subcommittee and shape the grant criteria to spit in the face of 150,000 Colorado citizens and out-of state motorized recreationists that pay for the program.  Why is this hijacking a travesty?

Past Dirty Tactics

First, without permission of Harris Sherman, Robotham and Lobbyist Scott Chase attempted to raid most of the OHV funds in 2009.  Never mind that we are constituents of Parks and were never notified, we were treated like bottom feeders by Robotham whose made a point of telling a us,group that has supported Parks for more than 20 years, that we were not entitled to the money and if he so desired he could move it.  Arrogant?, beyond belief.  In my 24 years working with Colorado government I have never felt such contempt and lack of cooperation.  Letters were solicited to support the anti-motorized position, unfortunately the fact these came from all over the world (do certain Parks Board members  and  Mr. Jim Martin have constituents in New Zealand?). Letters from the anti motorized community were also primarily form letters where as the OHV community sent a majority of individual comments.  Park’s Staff did not even note that hundreds of letters against motorized recreation came from outside the U.S.  They lead the Board to believe they were from Colorado constituents.  How disingenuous

Perhaps the most egregious act, was the anti motorized advocates using the Parks Board logo on their submission of Documents without permission; a feeble attempt to mislead the Board into believing these were staff generated.  Further when asked to document the pictures appeasing in the handout to the Board of so called resource damage, it turns out that no proof was submitted showing the problems exist (some dated photos where from 2001) other were verified as having been mitigated already and nothing was produced to even the photos came from Colorado! This occurred not once but twice.  There is also a serious issue regarding the relationship between a lobbyist for the ant-motorized interests and a Park’s Board member that has been swept under the rug. 

The Weight of the Facts

After subsequent meetings with the Parks Board the following were established:

-The Legislative Audit Committee found no problems whatsoever with the OHV program despite a dreadful report in most all other programs up until 2008 where reforms were initiated.
-The US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management have repeatedly cited our program as model for the rest of the country, fair and environmentally balanced.
– Of the nearly 700 OHV grants processed over the past 19 years 3 have been controversial and the existing recommendations now address that by asking the simple question about potential controversy ( as a side note, Parks itself has had  many more controversies including Cheyenne Mountain , the Front Range Trail and many others including State non-motorized trails grants that cross private property, encounter landowner liability controversies and were given the green light to proceed without environmental analysis among other issues.  Do we need those programs radically changed and subject to extensive oversight?)
– Until Jim Martin stepped in at the 11th Hour to force Park’s staff to make wholesale changes to the uncompromising environmental opponents of motorized recreation, our case for minimal change was supported by the Federal Agencies, members of the General Assembly, and the State Trails Committee, including positive comments by at least 3of the 5 Parks Board members who supported the March staff recommendations when asked.


We are asking those of you who spoke to Park’s Board members, Bill Kane, Gary Butterworth, and Lenna Watson to contact them immediately to go back and explain this fiasco and ask for a firm vote to support the reasonable changes of the March recommendations so the public understands that citizens appointed to Boards who have heard all the facts should make decisions not bureaucrats in back rooms flexing their muscles, particularly when they are leaving their position and have no real ongoing responsibility to constituents–that means Jim Martin.

Secondly those members of the State Trails Committee who can be counted on to work effectively must take this message to their colleagues they believe will understand and be sympathetic regarding this form of dirty politics.  A strong message to the Board from the majority of members of the State Trails Committee is an absolute must.  Please show your disgust by once again being left out of the process.  Staff will be looking to sugar coat these radical changes and ram them passed you as fast as they can.  Please don’t be fooled.

Lastly, please let me know when you have made contact with Board members and Trails Committee members and the results of your discussions.  We are planning other attacks on this despicable corruption of the process.  But the reality is, you folks hold the key.

Eternal thanks,
Jerry Abboud

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