Airoh’s Aviator 2.1 is super lightweight  but it is the safety and the engineering that is leaving the lasting impression.

The proprietary multi-strand Carbon Kevlar weave and engineered EPS liner ensures this helmet both maintains integrity and disperses energy from all angles with engineered points designed to fracture and absorb impact in worse case scenarios, much like modern cars have designed crumple zones to protect their passengers.

The second feature riders notice is the incredible balance and immense airflow this helmet allows. After a long, hard day on the track or on the trails, these properties really earn the respect of those riders lucky enough to wear these helmets. With an incredible five ventilation intake ports, this helmet noticeably flows air. Add two massive top exit ports along with a modular rear exit diffuser that draws the air out, you can ride in relative comfort even in intense heat and humidity.

Because the Aviator comes as a very complete package, all helmets come with top vent “rain” covers, an extended peak visor, a GoPro mount and even a lanyard with helmet tool included in every box. Safety, rider comfort and helmet functionality top the list of items the Airoh engineering team constantly strive to improve on for our customers. With 17 years under Airoh’s belt and 55 World Titles there is a reason why champions choose Airoh Aviator helmets.

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