The following photo gallery is from day one at the infamous Adelanto Grand Prix, round one of the Big 6 Grand Prix series. Based in the Adelanto Stadium, EnduroCross mates with motocross, high speed desert and of course the diabolical Adelanto water jump.

Blayne Thompson took both legs of the Pro race.
Blayne Thompson took both legs of the Pro race.

The event is considered the biggest off-road race in America, with over 2000 entries. This year it had the rare blessing of perfect dirt. Weeks of on-and-off rain turned the desert sand into chocolate heaven, which helped bring out even more riders. The program has different classes over three days, but the centerpiece is the 90-minute West Cost GP on Saturday afternoon. The Pro race carries a $7500 purse, and it usually brings out ringers who think they can learn desert racing overnight. In the long run, it’s almost always the District 37 regulars who come away with the cash. The line-up favorites were reigning Big 6 Champion Eric Yorba, last year’s Adelanto Pro winner Blayne Thompson and WORCS Pro 1 Champion Robby Bell. Sitting in for injured OX Motorsports rider Colton Udall was Supercross seasoned Zach Bell.

When it was all over, the man on top was once again Blayne Thompson, who is now riding a Fast House Honda CRF450R. For the first few turns on Saturday’s race, he followed Bell, but then got out in front and pulled away. Eric Yorba and Zach Bell then settled into a battle that lasted about 40 minute, when the race was called to an unexpected ceasefire. Preston Campbell, son to Johnny Campbell, was injured in a crash and officials decided that the safest course of action was to stop the event. The resulting delay pushed the second half of the race to the next morning.

The story didn’t change much on Sunday. Thompson was again the fastest man. Yorba, unfortunately, injured his ankle and had to take a DNF for the event. That left second place up for grabs, and JCR’s Trevor Stewart came through to take the spot. Third place was Gary Sutherlin on his new Purvines Yamaha and Zach Bell was fourth, holding up Supercross honor impressively well. For full results, go to

Photos by the Wolfster

The pavement start is live engine and intense.


All of the classes are packed at Adelanto. The races run to schedule, other than on course drama which slowed them down a bit.


Gordon Ward and Ryan Penhall dominated the Vet Expert class.

Our own Mark Tilley looked elegant on his water jump. He ended up third Vet Expert.

Brendan Lutes raced a new Honda CRF450RX and splatters the mud hole after a violent landing.

Nearly every non-pro pelicaned their mugs into the crossbar when they landed the water jump.

Look closely at G375’s legs. This can’t be good.
And the result was ugly. G375 remounted and continued.


The Endurocross section tested the enthusiast GP rider with Ty Davis designed obstacles.


Mark Samuels on the Endurocross portion of the circuit.


Edgar Winter was rumored to be spectating with his pups.


DSC_3185 Our buddy Jeff White looks stellar on the start. He lost his shifter by lap two.

Most of the more average racers opted to use the long, go around the obstacle line when faced with the waterjump.
A good line was running right through it without jumping it.

Gordon Ward raced back to back classes the 30 expert and 50 expert. He dominated both.

Paul Krause has probably logged more desert racing miles than anyone in history. He took home second place in the 50 Expert class.

Our own Ron Lawson raced his KTM 250XCW and came away smiling.

Blayne Thompson was hammering the West Coast GP race until it was red flagged when a rider got injured. It will pick up on Sunday.

Reigning numero uno Eric Yorba pressured Thompson until the red flag was waved.

Blayne made the Endurocross section look pedestrian. He looked strong.

The second water jump was navigable by riding right through the middle of it.

The motocross portion of the track had some really nice jumps and the rain soaked dirt was phenomenal. Mark Davenport was top man in the 50 lightweights.

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