A Quick Guide To Dirt Bike Riding Gear

Sports always have a way of tickling anyone’s competitive spirit to ramp up the thrill. After all, with people butting heads just to snatch up the first prize, this is bound to be an electrifying experience from start to finish. However, as thrilling as they can be, sports are infamous for harming their participants (unless they’re playing board games).
Naturally, being a dirt bike rider is easily one of those sports that are both extremely exhilarating yet equally dangerous simultaneously. After all, it’s no easy task to maneuver through different obstacles while trying to stay ahead of the lead. But whatever happens, dirt biking can never be complete without using high-quality workwear and other fashion brands that scream quality.

1. Head Protection

Considering you’re off going full-speed ahead, your head is one of – if not the –most vulnerable areas of your body. Your skull is where you keep your brain, after all. Wearing the proper headgear can make a huge difference to your fate.
Since you’re guaranteeing your safety, you must be more careful when selecting helmets. Although, one key feature your potential helmet must have is its full-face design. Full-faced helmets feature a chin bar that can keep you from breaking your jaw or knocking your teeth out completely.
Unless you have insurance for this, it’s better to be safe and sorry instead of ‘testing the waters’ to see it for yourself. After all, there’s no better way to waste time than staying in a hospital due to your own stupidity.

2. Eye Safeguard

If there’s one thing you’ll be getting from dirt bike riding, it’s a whole lot of dirt to the face. With the path rich with debris and all sorts of obstacles, anything can blind you the longer you keep riding. Once that happens, you’re likely to crash into something, get yourself hurt, and cost the competition.
Knowing which eye protection to buy is also important. Having more coverage is what you’d want from a pair of goggles. After all, the bigger it is, the more field of vision it can give its wearer. While visibility is essential, so is comfort. Ensure your pair of goggles sits on your face with a layer of breathable foam. This way, it won’t fog up while you’re in colder environments.

3. All-Around Pants

Wearing whatever you picked up on the way to dirt biking is never a good idea. Not only is it a careless habit, but it can also cause great harm if you somehow get into the contest. After all, a pair of jeans or sweatpants won’t be enough to maximize your dirt bike riding experience.
Comfort, flexibility, and weather adaptability are what you need to look for when choosing your dirt bike riding pants. Naturally, your day-to-day clothes like jeans or sweatpants don’t fit the bill. Because if you insist on wearing them, you’ll only end up scuffed and uncomfortable from getting snagged by obstacles and chaffing. You can search on this site or stores near you for a pair of jeans that’s suitable for your dirt bike riding.

4. Heavy-Duty Footwear

Considering how treacherous many dirt bike riding roads are, it’s no surprise you’d want something more than a pair of sneakers can give. Even if you’re attached to them, your sneakers will turn into nothing more than scraps once you’re done having a feel for dirt bike riding. So, naturally, you’ll prefer something more heavy-duty than what normal footwear can provide.
Since your feet are close to any debris flying towards you at high speeds, they’re bound to get scratched up in the process. Or worse, completely lose one of them during a competition. Fortunately, dirt bike riding boots are designed for the sport specifically. From providing grips on your bike to adding armor around the shin, ankles, and toes, it’s safe to say that they’re built to absorb impacts and improve your chances of survival.

5. Impact-Resistant Braces

Like the heavy-duty footwear from earlier, wearing braces all over your body is essential if you want to raise a few more notches in your survival. Dirt bike riders wear different kinds of braces for their knees, neck, and chest. But be that as it may, they all complete a specific purpose: to absorb any excess force aimed at these parts of the body. Thus, lowering your chances of getting a busted knee or a damaged spinal column in the middle of the road.

Why You Need To Wear Proper Gear

If you’re looking for a sport that can get your blood pumping unlike any other, dirt bike riding might be the one for you. Admittedly, the sport is thrilling, especially for the competitive spirits out there. However, that’s partly why riders are left with their hearts pounding from start to finish.
If you didn’t know, anything can hurt you on the path, which could hinder you from finishing off strong. Therefore, you must choose the proper gear to improve your chances of winning. And it helps that wearing the right gear guarantees your safety during the competition.

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