Dear Mr. Know-It-All,
Is it safe to run a NitroMousse on a dual-sport that spends limited time on the street? I mostly ride dirt trails.
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Good question, MJ. Mousses are not tear-offs, and while they reward you with a flat-free ride (there is no dollar equivalent to how important this is!), they are sometimes finicky and are unadjustable once you start your ride. But, we’re big-time NitroMousse believers and, like you, spend most of our off-road time on the trails, not the tarmac. Remember, heat is the enemy, so high-speed long hauls with a mousse-equipped tire will have an adverse effect on the foam insert’s life expectancy. But, trail riding, even with a modicum of street, will not hurt them. Remember, proper lubrication is crucial. This is from NitroMousse: “Lube reduces the friction between the inside of the tire and Nitromousse during operation. Use all of the supplied lubricant when mounting or remounting a Nitromousse. Never mount a Nitromousse without proper lubrication. This will cause severe premature wear, or can cause the mousse to fail completely. Never mount a Nitromousse without proper lubrication.” For our faster trail riding and tarmac-dotted dual-sport rides, we use the firmer NitroMousse properly fitted with the correct tire. This, too, is important, as a ‘too-loose’ mousse fit allows the tire to over-flex and roll, which creates more heat and is hard on the insert and super offensive to the machine’s handling traits. NitroMousse has a fitment chart for which insert fits which tire.
Good luck. We’re all counting on you! 

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