A letter from Kurt Caselli:

The following is a letter from Kurt Caselli:

It is with great sorrow that I am writing this letter on behalf of myself and my family. With the loss of my father, things are definitely different in my life and in so many others. It wasn’t until now that I realized how many people and hearts my dad has touched. He was a loving father on and off the track and a true enthusiast of motorcycle racing. I lived by his side listening and learning only to dream of being the man and father he was to my sister and I. My mother is the strength that held all of us together, and in her loss, I am stepping in to try and fill the shoes my dad has left.

The past few months, though sick, my dad was working on getting this year’s ISDE team up to par and supported to its fullest. In his memory and his dreams I am doing what he couldn’t finish. Although he won’t be able to be by my side at this year’s ISDE, myself and my teammates will hold our country’s flag proudly, and I hope my father’s name will be held in the hearts that he has touched.

Kurt Caselli: WORCS National Bike Champion.

In leu of flowers and cards, Kurt’s family has requested that all donations and proceeds be made to the 2008 Team USA ISDE Trophy team in honor of Rich Caselli’s dream. Kurt has set up a paypal account or if you would like you can mail a check, made payable to Caselli Racing to the following family address.

Paypal: [email protected] or mail donations to Caselli Racing: 1245 Coventry Pl. Palmdale, Ca 93551.

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