A Day in the life of Mike Kiedrowski

A Day in the life of Mike Kiedrowski

MK, caught on the snot logs as he pushed through slower traffic after a horrendous start.

DB-MK you hurt your knee back in July, tells us about the recovery

MK- Yes I had a full repair job in July, I was off a bike for 4 months and started riding right before Christmas. Doctor Burns in Santa Clarita did the surgery and he’s a great orthopedic doc. Andy over at Vargo Physical Therapy worked really hard with me to re-hab and played a big role in gaining not only strength, but good range of motion.

DB- With that in mind, what were your expectations heading into the opening round in Phoenix?

MK- Well they were certainly better than 13th!!!! I felt about 90%, my knee felt strong and the bike was great

Fresh off of a full knee reconstruct, the MX Kied is showing strong form.

DB- Take us through the weekend

MK- Well I wanted to ride practice on Friday but it rained all day so we decided against it. Then Sat. I rode the pro practice and felt really good, the motocross track was muddy, but the off road section was epic.

Then on Sunday it was raining again, so we did a little mud prep and went to the start. I gated about 12th, I fully spun on the concrete because it was wet and I had a new mousse in the rear. Then we left the motocross track and got to the off road section and it was wild. There were guys going everywhere and it was muddy. Then in a high speed right hand turn Hengeveld was on the out side and I cut to the inside and he must have clipped somebody’s rear wheel with his front, because he high sided and flew right in front of me and I drilled him and then I crashed. I got up and he appeared really hurt, so I tried flagging down some officials and finally some guys came over, so I took off.

Mike signed a deal with Troy Lee for ?07.

So now I’m dead last and I take off and start to pick off some guys and as I’m coming out of one of the sand washes the guy in front of me falls down and I hit him and my front wheel gets stuck between his rear wheel and airbox. So I get out of that mess and I pick off a few more guys and I get to the famous ‘WORCS LOGS’ and there are bikes and bodies everywhere and I’m trying to clean the logs and negotiate all the stuck riders and I end up getting sideways on a log and I go down again.

I broke off a handguard and had to pull my goggles after the log crash. So anyway I got going and just tried to pass as many riders as I could and I ended up finishing 13th OA.

Practice at the WORCS event was a bit sloppy.

The goal for ?07? Win a championship.

The Kiedrowski mobile is a Suzuki RM-Z450 with FMF dual 4.1s, full blown Works Suspension and a six thousand dollar Ti bolt kit.


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