PRODUCT: The LS2 MX442 is a very light, cost-effective helmet that erases the myth that low-cost helmets have to be heavy. The tri-composite fiberglass shell uses state-of-the-art technology, making for a high-performance off-road helmet that tips the scales at the 2.5-pound mark. The cheek pads are cut from a solid block of high-quality foam using LS2’s 3D laser technology, and the technical-fabric comfort padding wicks moisture to keep the rider dry and cool. It resists odor and bacteria and is fully removable and washable (hand-wash and air-dry liners). The LS2 technicians focused considerable effort on flow-through ventilation and a wide eyeport for good vision and a wide view.
POSITIVE: This is a supremely superb helmet, very light in feel and offers a comfortable fit that sells for what seems like pennies on the dollar, especially when compared to the high-end lids that dominate the airwaves. For the $129.95 price tag (that’s retail; the on-the-street price is much more palatable), it just may be one of the best buys in the dirt bike world.
NEGATIVE: Other than the perceived value that targets a cheapie lid, there is no downside to the LS2 M442.
BOTTOM LINE: Love this lid. Take the time to get fitted, as the helmet runs large, and check the street prices, since they do tend to vary, and there are some great deals out there.

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