In secret, hidden workshops all over the world, riders dump time and money into traditional four-stroke trail bikes to make them better and even to use them for racing. AJP has a better option that replaces all the compromised budget trail bike running gear with a high-end Portuguese chassis using a solid and proven Chinese 233cc SOHC engine. It is lighter, slimmer and better equipped than any rudimentary trail bike. The SPR 240 Extreme model features Galfer rotors, Brembo brakes, metallic red hubs with black rims and Michelin tires, electric-start (only, no kickstart backup), a tapered handlebar, and quality controls.

ajp spr 240 extreme

The AJP 240 is super quiet, the seat height it low and targets the budget-minded trail rider. It is painted with high-end components.

Additional features are a unique chassis with the gas tank toting both fuel and having the Twinkie-shaped air filter mounted to the backbone of the frame. The shrouds (where the tank would normally be) house a small battery on the right side and a large oil cooler on the left. The frame is a hybrid with cast-aluminum swingarm and frame spars, but the frame cradle and steering head are made of steel, as is part of the subframe system. Lights and quality aluminum footpegs with replaceable teeth are standard. On the SPR 240 Extreme (tagged the X model), Sachs suspension with a fully adjustable reservoir rear shock and sealed cartridge 48 fork handle damping needs. The side stand has an auto-up feature that won’t allow riding off with the stand down.

Control efforts are light with excellent feel. Shifting is crisp and clean with a short lever throw. Riders with smaller boots may have to remove their foot from the footpeg to reach the shifter. There doesn’t appear to be room to mount a shorter shifter without incorporating a linkage like the Yamaha TT-R125. Premium Michelin enduro tires in 18-inch rear and 21-inch front handle traction.

Firing the 240 up is easy, and especially so for a carbureted bike. The choke lever is easy to reach, and the air-cooled mill doesn’t have to be awake long before the choke can be clicked off. Unlike many four-stroke machines, the AJP uses a single throttle cable with no second cable to force return the carb slide. The return cable pulley is still on the right side of the carb. Between the pulley and the aluminum side spar, adjusting the idle is a challenge. Our bike idled well enough. Like some older Husaberg four-strokes that share the same air filter mounting, intake sound is present but more noticeable when stopped.

ajp spr 240 extreme
The clutch action is light with good engagement. It has good ground clearance and has nice skid plate to protect its belly.

There is little vibration, and the power delivery is equally smooth. There isn’t a lot of snap to the power, but it builds smoothly and constantly as the rpm climb. You can scream the engine in a gear rather than shifting. A modern short-stroke four-stroke engine would bounce off the rev limiter and sound like it is coming apart, but not the air-cooled engine.

To keep the bike quiet, it’s fit with a compact, sleek and light exhaust system consisting of a long, non-tapered header with what looks like a two-stroke motocross muffler. It’s designed to stagger the exhaust note via an internal barrier and re-enter the exhaust bore through a few holes in the side of the barrier tube. A larger muffler could be equally quiet and add some snap to the low-rpm response.

While on the subject, the exhaust is quite close to the lower surface of the subframe fuel tank. There is no heat shield on the pipe or the fuel tank, but we had no problems. The final bend in the header melted our over-the-boot riding pant leg in a few places.

AJP has done everything possible to maintain a low seat height while maintaining roughly a foot of suspension travel. The standing position is nice and slim. We found it roomy for riders over 6 feet tall. The seated position is tight for tall riders between the seat and pegs. We measured 20 inches from the peg teeth to the top of the seat. That is in the same range as a lot of mini cycles in the 85cc to 150cc range.

The seat is comfortably padded for a light rider. It is removed via a clever latch recessed into the edge of the rear fender near the molded-in plastic grab portions of the fender edge. We didn’t hit any mud, but suspect that removing the seat, or at least finding the latch, might be tough on a muddy day.

ajp spr 240 extreme

For the somewhat short wheelbase, the AJP is highly stable and reassuring to ride at speed. At the same time, it has accurate steering to let it slice up tight trails. Suspension action is reactive, and obviously tuned for trail speeds and conditions. We believe that more miles will make the impressive brakes and suspension even better.

AJP offers a base-model SPR 240. It has a small skid plate, black hubs and a 43mm inverted fork. It also has more basic brake calipers and master cylinders. It sells for $5499. We think the Brembo brakes and Sachs 48mm fork are worth the price difference on the Extreme “X” model.

We suspect that the primary interest in this machine will come from shorter and lighter riders. For them, this machine is a home run, and the AJP is as good as it gets.

Price: $5999

Contact: www.ajpmotos.com

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