82nd. ISDE 2007, La Serena (Chile) November 12th. to 17th.

 Everything ready for the start

La Serena is all dressed up and ready only 24h before the inaugural parade of the 82nd. ISDE that will take place in the ‘Avenida del Faro’. It was the Lighthouse (Faro) of La Serena what won the heart of Franco Acerbis and made him throw himself into these Six Days of Chile.

Everything is ready: the paddock, the park ferm?©, the headquarters of the Six days,

The Motocross area is also prepared, and, after a great effort, they have achieved to have everything in the same point, which is more comfortable for the drivers and more attractive for the public. All the facilities are in La Serena Golf.

The Moto Club B?©rgamo and its 150 people brought by Acerbis to take care of the technical tasks of the race are already here: timing, controls, marshals•

Nevertheless, the weather does not seem to want to cooperate and the sun does not want to show itself, but this does not lower the excitement of the atmosphere nor reduces the passion that fills the air.

And the most important, the driver, as there is no race without them. 30 countries, represented by a total of 521 athletes -16 of them are women – will be at the start. Tomorrow, while in Europe will be midnight, the 82nd. ISDE 2007 LA SERENA will have their inaugural parade.

Acerbis Press

ACERBIS is closely linked to the Enduro world and, since 1973, especially to the ‘Six days’ with which ACERBIS cooperates in all its editions, whether they take place in Europe, North America or New Zealand, but, when it is about South America, Franco Acerbis throws himself into it completely.

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