82nd. ISDE 2007, La Serena (Chile): 6th. Day: A SUCCESS FOR ALL THE DRIVERS Italy and Spain, the winners

This last day of the 82nd. ISDE 2007 La Serena was won by the strongest, most consistent drivers that already took the first positions in the first days.

First, Italy, in the Trophy, with two Acerbis drivers collaborating to get the win: Alessandro Belometi and Andrea Belotti.

Spain won in the Junior and Club categories and the fastest of the overall classification was Johnny Aubert.

But each and every one of the drivers achieved an authentic feat by finishing the most demanding Six Days, with a total of 1290km on a great variety of terrains: sand, rocks and even some kilometres on asphalt in the links..
The last day took place entirely in La Serena Golf centre, in a motocross circuit specially built for the occasion, with some spectacular jumps for the public. The sessions were a great success for the Acerbis drivers, as Marko Tarkala was the first in his category, E3, Alessandro Belometti was third of the E2 and Jari Mattila 4th. of the E1

In the Club category, Guido Acerbis finished 26th., Daniele Arman 23rd. and Pierangelo Leoni 21st.
All the Acerbis Group followed the race from the stands, cheering all the drivers and enjoying the show
Guido Acerbis’ mechanics gave him a surprise when he had barely crossed the finish line, he was literally showered in champagne to celebrate that he had finished another Six Days of Enduro.

The morning was a real fun, as there were many beautiful fights in C1, C2 and C3. In the afternoon, the showed continued with the upper categories and a special performance of the Isle of Man Riders, who did two spectacular laps. This group attends all the Six Days since 1992, with their traditional clothing and their unusual bikes.

 Franco Acerbis and the Isle of man Riders

At the end of the day, there was a prize giving ceremony and the final party, were cups and gratitude plaques.

82nd. ISDE 2007, La Serena
JUNIOR TROPHY: 1st. Spain 2nd. France, 3rd. Finland
WORLD TROPHY; 1st. Italia 2nd. France 3rd. Sweden
CLUBS: 1st. Spain 2nd. Slovakia Young team   3rd. Slovakia Team  ……. 11th. BG Scuderia Pontenosa (Guido Acerbis;Daniele Arman; Pierangelo Leoni)
Women: 1st. USA; 2nd. Francia,3rd. Sweden
Manufacturers: 1st. Yamaha Ufo Corse; 2nd. KTM Factory; 3rd. Yamaha Chile

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