OXNARD, CA. (November 4, 2014) – Galfer Racing was at the Dubya World Vet Championships assisting a vast amount of the racers in attendance.  Day one of racing proved to be challenging with extremely wet conditions.  Die-hard racers approached the track with caution, but as the race line developed and the rain subsided, some pretty good racing took place.  Even with the intermittent rain throughout the day, patches of sun would peek through give racers, spectators, and race officials a much needed break.  At the end of day one, the track was a mess thanks to a late afternoon down pour with everyone crossing their fingers for a better day two.
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Day two of racing was the exact opposite of day one.  Sunny skies, moderate temps, and the track was on par with a national.  You couldn’t ask for better conditions and the racing was even better.  Multiple lines, great passing, and every class enjoyed what Glen Helen threw at them.  Unfortunately, conditions from day one left many bikes in poor condition.   Galfer was there to help.  We were happy to see an overwhelming number of Vet riders that trusted Galfer braking products.  Many opted for rotors and lines on their bikes while others looked to Galfer brake pads as better option than OEM replacements.   At the end of the weekend, new champions were crowned and even with the weather, it was a great weekend.
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About Galfer Racing:  Galfer Racing, located in Southern California, is a performance braking manufacturer specializing in brake pads, rotors, and brake lines and the inventor of the Original Wave Rotor.  Galfer Performance Braking Systems, located in Spain, has been around since 1952.  In 1990, Galfer Racing opened up shop in the United States.  With roots in motorcycle racing, the Galfer name has become synonymous with high quality braking components for the average rider and the serious racer.  Visit us on the web at and follow us on Facebook at, Twitter @GalferUSA, and Instagram @GalferUSA.

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