PRODUCT: As we live with our GasGas EC300, getting the suspension dialed in is at the top of our list. It’s soft, dives and is not hugely plush. We sent the WP dampers off to 707 Racing Suspension for a tune job, looking for better control and feel in the technical terrain that we enjoy.

The 707 Racing Suspension team have several options for the WP suspension. We went with the basic 707 build, which is their fork and shock re-valve (they do offer a WP 6500 cartridge kit or a MX Tech Lucky on the fork for advanced riders looking for increased control and adjustability).  They disassemble the fork and shock, resurface the fork pistons, and install a custom valving stack tailored to the rider’s skill level, terrain and weight. Spring preload is set for terrain with new oil set to the proper height. The shock gets similar treatment with a new valve shim stack tailored to the skill level, weight and terrain. All WP shocks get bled on their shock vacuum bleeding system, assuring a perfect shock bleed with no cavitation.


OUR TAKE: Fork: Up front the initial compression stroke feels ultra-plush, almost to the point where you might think the bike will collapse easily when pushed aggressively. The fork was best suited in cobby technical terrain. In loose rocks where most bikes deflect, ours remained planted and stable while offering a forgiving and plush feel. In high-speed braking bumps and other trail hack, we were impressed again with how little deflection was felt. In the higher-speed sections and deep whoops, it was plush, a bit soft, but worked well with the shock, resulting in a balanced ride. We never felt the fork bottoming in any of the high-speed sections, either. Overall, the fork is a great improvement, especially for slower and more technical riding.

Shock: Out back the shock didn’t have the plush initial feel but remained balanced and never felt stink-buggy. It’s planted, tracks well and maintains good traction in hacked-out, nasty trail. Top marks go to the suspension balance fore and aft, soothing loose and jagged rocks in superb fashion. Once the speeds picked up, we were impressed with how stable and straight the bike remained in the whoops with no kickback or having the rear end wanting to walk out from behind you. There was still great rebound damping when you want to pop up and seat-bounce over an obstacle.

The bottom line is that we’re impressed with comfort gained in the rocks, boulders, roots and carnage. It’s a well-balanced package for the trail enthusiast, is versatile and lets the pilot push it in taxing terrain. 707 Racing Suspension told us that they could further dial in the fork with fork oil level and possibly a heavier front spring. Overall, a great mod for the trail enthusiast whose riding machines are equipped with the WP XPLOR fork and XACT shock.

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