Panthera Motorsports out of Canada has the Honda CR500 faithful breathing a sigh of relief . They have announced plans for a 600cc complete engine that is based off the Honda CR500 platform with an electric starter and hydraulic clutch options. Panthera Motorsports new PM09 engine will be available in complete, Top-End only and Bottom-End only options. Panthera Motorsports claims the OEM Honda cylinder will fit on the Panthera Motorsports Bottom-End and the Panthera Top-End will work on the OEM Honda Bottom-End. Complete engines will be around $7,800 USD, the complete bottom-End will be $3,800.00 USD$4,200.00 USD and the complete Top-End is $1,900.00 USD$2,500.00 USD. More information and images below from Panthera Motorsports. Scroll to the bottom of this post for the complete video!

Down payment on our new PM09 engine package will allow you to get your spot in line and give us the guaranty needed to manufacture all the components to assemble your engine. The payment secures you a fixed price no matter the potential increase in final production costs.
**Your final vehicle fitment and requirement information will be gathered closer to completion date.

You will receive the mounts kit, exhaust and intake to fit your exact need.

This engine package will include

-Complete engine with kick start and electric start
-EFI throttle body or oversize carburetor
-ECU and complete wiring
-Complete exhaust


Bore and Stroke : 95mm x 84.5mm
Connecting rod length: 160mm
Primary ratio: 2.25
Transmission ratios: 1.75 / 1.39 / 1.09 / 0.87 / 0.72
Exhaust configuration: 1 main port and 2 sub ports
Transfer ports: 7
Powervalve system: Triple port, servo controlled
Electric starter: Yes

Weight : 70 lbs

Cost : $3,900.00 USD$7,800.00 USD



This complete engine block is the bottom end part of the Panthera PM09 600CC engine. It is made to endure the extreme power of our Panthera cylinder and will make a bullet proof base for your CR500. This engine is complete and fully assembled.

This engine base has the chassis bolt pattern and cylinder bolt pattern of a Honda CR500.


It will grant you the addition of a counter balancer shaft and electric starter for your CR500.

This engine base has 70% less vibration than a CR500. 


The engine comes with our high capacity clutch with 80% more torque capacity than the OEM clutch from honda. The actuator offered are :
-hydraulic slave
-cable actuator.


The primary ration of the engine base has been increased to 2.25 to reduce loads on both clutch and transmission. You will also be able to run a smaller front sprocket
Two transmission ratio are offered:
Standard ratio – 1.75 / 1.39 / 1.15 / 0.95 / 0.79
HRC ratio – 1.75 / 1.39 / 1.09 / 0.87 / 0.72


We offer two possibility of crankshaft stroke :
– 79 mm
– 84.5 mm


The engine cases are equipped with a water pump with 70% higher flow capacity compared to oem, making the cooling of your engine more efficient.

Cost : $3,800.00 USD$4,200.00 USD



This cylinder kit is a direct bolt in to the CR500 engine base. It is a modern design 2-stroke technology.
Our cylinder has a bore of 95mm making your standard stroke engine 560cc. It comes with a forged 95mm piston.

The optional servo controlled power valve blocks all 3 exhaust ports and procure a powerband twice larger than original CR500.
The supplied control module requires to receive only the spark ignition signal and a 12V supply.
DECOMPRESSOR has been installed on the head for easier starting.

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 10 in
powervalve system With electronic powervalve, No powervalve


Cost : $1,900.00 USD$2,500.00 USD

For more on the Panthera Motorsports PM09 engine head over to www.pantheramotosports.com


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