5 Questions with Motonation’s Bill Berroth on the Vemar Helmet

Bill Berroth is the driving force behind Motonation, a company that has etched out a significant holding in the motorcycle world with their distribution of the Sidi boot line. Recently Motonation has taken on Vemar Helmets, a high end helmet that comes out of Italy. Motonation does not take on new clients easily, so bringing in Vemar as a mate to the popular Sidi road and dirt boot is a pairing that Motonation feels will segue into a long term relationship. We chatted with Bill and gave him the 5 questions, or 5 minutes.

What makes Vemar different than most of the other helmet companies out there?

Many other helmet companies are just that, companies not manufactures. Vemar out sources nothing to nobody. Even the liners are built by Vemar in Italy. European craftsmanship and Italian designs highlight the Vemar line!

Does Vemar do anything extra or special that Dirt Bike’s readers should know about?

Every Vemar dirt helmet comes with a spare black visor, and a complete inner liner!

What is Vemar’s warranty?

Vemar offers a full 5 year warranty which honestly is the longest any helmet should be used, after 5 years the liners etc start to break down and the helmet should be replaced.

Name one technical item that Vemar is proud of.

It may seem like a small thing but it is a very important one. All of Vemar’s off road cheek pads are not made from traditional cut foam, but from molded polyurethane just like the $1000 VSRC Carbon fiber Moto GP helmet!

Vemar has always had a reputation for light helmets, what is the thought process behind that?

Vemar believes that it is essential to use what they call and “an intelligent” carbon-Kevlar-fiberglass composite construction. First off Vemar uses one of the highest percentages of carbon in its three composite mix, more that most other manufactures. Then the layers are positioned where they will do the most good for weight and safety, the goal is to make a nice light helmet that feels balanced on the head.

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